Pupper West Side: Ernie Gets a Halloween Fright from Swimming Pools, Loves French Bulldogs

Name: Hullo, I’m Ernie. I have eyes under here, just so you know. A blue one and a brown one.

Age: 7 months old

Breed: Sheepadoodle

Profile/history: Mom and Dad used to have a Goldendoodle named Quincy who passed away. He was 13 and a half years old. I’m sorry I didn’t get to know him. After he passed, my parents really felt his loss and they said they just wanted something to look forward to each day. So, I try to provide them with as much unconditional love as a good pupper can.

Daily routine: *Yawns* Well, I never want to wake up. Mom has to drag me out of bed each day around 6:30 a.m. for a morning walk. Afterward, I’ll crawl back into bed and cozy up until it’s time for my mid-morning visit to the dog park on 72nd Street and Riverside Drive. I love it there. It’s just like a pup version of “Cheers” – everyone knows my name! I’ve got lots of energy, so sometimes my parents will take me to the dog park three times a day. They get their own exercise too when they have spend a good eight to 10 minutes corralling me to go home. In the evenings, the three of us love to patron neighborhood restaurants with outdoor dining. After a hard day’s play, I like to grab a bite at The Smith or Mermaid Inn.

Loves: French bulldogs! Such peculiar creatures. I also love carrying sticks. I’m a dog’s dog. Just a pup of simple pleasures.

Does not love: Swimming – my coat gets too soggy!

Favorite store/business on the UWS: This may be surprising, but I adore my friends at City Vet! They’ve always been kind to me. When I’m in relaxation mode, I like to accompany Mom to Pour Wines to pick up something that pairs well with my meaty treats at home.

Favorite treat: Lamb’s lung! Nom, nom, nom. High in protein and low in fat. It’s absolutely dee-licious.

Favorite park spot: I’d have to say some of my best memories have been made at the 72nd Street dog run in Riverside Park.

You seem like you’re in the Halloween spirit. What are your plans for the big day? I love seeing all the pups and kids dressed up for Halloween. The Upper West Side community goes to the mat for Halloween! I’m thinking of going as Cousin Itt from the Addams Family. We live in such a great neighborhood for activities and stoop decorations – wouldn’t you agree? I’ll definitely make an appearance at the W. 69th Street Block Party. And I can’t wait to see the Central Park Pumpkin Flotilla! Also, have you heard about the Philharmonster Concert on Wednesday? Spooky tunes performed by talented young musicians from elementary and high school students. I hope they play “Monster Mash”!

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    1. Sarah says:

      Don’t let the water do you a frighten, fren Ernie. It’s fun!

    2. Jackie says:

      Ernie – you are soooo cute. Love you 😍 happy Halloween 🎃

    3. Jacquelyn Colnick says:

      Ernie – you are adorable 😍 love u 😘 happy Halloween 👻🎃

    4. susan says:

      What a star you are ,Ernie….We love you !!

    5. CAL says:

      Yay. Dog parks. More please. Just not stores, restaurants, etc.

      Dogs are very cute to their owners and friends. But. Not everybody. Allergies. Fear. Slobbering. Barking. Worse.

      Check The Mermaid Inn and The Smith off the list for outside dining. Probably inside too for “emotional support animals”.

      See restaurants closing all over the neighborhood.

      • Dog lover says:

        Cal. You are the kid in class who raises his hand to say “weren’t we supposed to have a quiz today?” This is a dog page and it’s supposed to be cute and fun. Take it down a notch.

    6. Nana says:

      Happy Halloween Ernie!
      Careful with the candy corn!


    7. MB/UWSer says:

      Hi Ernie!

      You are so cute!! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for you – would love to meet you.

    8. Sussan says:

      Ernie…the stick man. You are so adorable.

    9. Jeanne says:

      We all saw your post on Garth’s profile…now this. Your purpose is bigger than dog dander. Keep looking for it. That couch energy can be useful to the community if channelled!

    10. Kate says:

      Love this!