Missing Parakeet ‘Bluu’ Responds to Kissy Noises

A parakeet has gone missing from 97th and Amsterdam and its owners have been circulating a poster about how to coax it home.

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    1. Mary Wilkinson says:

      Prayers, my Tiramisu got out. I hope he made it to a loving home. God Bless the little one🌹

    2. I hope Bluu has been located and returned to his home. Parrots are wonderful family members, and I’ve had lifelong bird family members.❤ Bluu is beautiful, just stunning!

    3. Nikki says:

      Our parakeet got out a few years ago she was sitting on a fence a few blocks from the house waiting for us to find her. Don’t give up look everywhere and call to your bird it’s probably sitting waiting for you and can’t find it’s way home. Good luck.

    4. ML says:

      The owners should post some of those flyers by Central Park, the parakeet might have flown there. Also, there are a lot of birdwatchers that follow a Twitter account called “Manhattan Bird Alert”, maybe the person that runs the account can tweet the lost bird flyer if they ask https://twitter.com/BirdCentralPark

    5. Jannice Genaux says:

      Praying that you find Bluu! I know that if I lost my Green Cheek Conure, Jazz, it would tear my heart in pieces.

    6. Chucky da parrot says:

      Awww❤ i hope she is okay 😘birdy4life

    7. Please keep your eyes peeled for this little guy. It’s a Bourke’s Parakeet, and hopefully it’s in a loving home already.

    8. Kris Kamerer says:

      God Bless you folks…..I Kno it’s we lost our Blue Quaker Brody it would completely break our hearts. Keep looking ‼️ He’s out there somewhere I’m sure missing you as much as you miss him ☹️ Prayers…..

    9. Kitty says:

      Put out alot of seed in the driveway around the house. That’s how I got mine back.

      • Tonya Adkins says:

        My bird tiki got out one day We had just moved into a new home and she was not familiar with the area she group flew up in a tree in my front yard a big 200′ tall tree huge with leaves everywhere she was a green cheek conure I love her so much I did not see her anywhere after calling her name and after 78 hours later walking around my guard crying calling her name she was green just like the leaves in the trees how is not giving up and just when I thought !!!!! she was gone forever I hear her she has a unique whistle I look up and she’s hopping down through the tree on the branches she was afraid she had never really flown that far before only around the house so she was afraid to come down I went and got a letter in got as high as I could to her and she finally come down and jumped on my finger I do not know what I would have done I called into work that day could not imagine her being outside alone in a total different world she knew nothing about I am so thankful thank you God!!!!
        I got her back!!!! Don’t give up keep looking calling his name walk around your area where you live because usually they do not travel to far they’re afraid!!!! Good luck god bless you I honestly pray that you get Bluu back !

    10. Leslie says:

      Blue go home!!

    11. April says:

      I have a budgies named Blu as well! I would be devastated if I lost him and so would his mate Jewel. I hope he’s found ASAP

    12. Nancy Newton says:

      Oh my goodness, I am going to concentrate on Blu finding his way home, whether through a good soul’s guidance or on his own power. I am sending positive energy, firm belief and my heartfelt thoughts to Blu and his family. Please all, do for Blu as you want others to do for you in a similar situation; take him home to his family. Kudos for all goodwill being focused on Blu * #lovetoallmenofgoodwill

    13. Tina says:

      Set your Bluu’s cage outside in viewing sight if possible? Even though he’s hand fed he may possibly come to his cage for security. I had my parrot fly out a window and by setting his cage out he began coming ‘home’ to eat. I eas able to close his cage door and bring him back inside.

    14. Just_Smile26 says:

      Don’t worry I’m sure you will find bluu. I understand how worried you are as I own a parakeet myself and I really love her. Bluu will be alright.