Insane Double-Rainbow Stretches Across Central Park As Seen from Barry’s Apartment

Today in rainbow news….holy cow! Photo by Barry Biggar from West 67th Street.


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    1. MillenialUWSer says:

      How do I get whatever job Barry has?

    2. adrian adonis says:

      is it a rent controlled apt.?

    3. Juan says:

      Barry is literally somewhere over the rainbow. What building was this taken from – it seems incredibly high up?

    4. CCL says:

      Excellent. So great to have captured this over our Park.

    5. Lord Of The Slice says:

      Obviously, Barry lives in the great glass elevator from the end of Willy Wonka.

      • Leah says:

        Or one of the great glass buildings

        • DAC says:

          having fun with google maps and it appears the shot was taken from a high floor in the Millennium Tower on 67th btwn Bdwy & Columbus (with movie theater and equinox at the base)

    6. Tom Anthony says:

      New York never lets me down.

    7. Mary Ann says:

      I absolutely love this picture! I no longer live on CPW & 68th Street but so thrilled to see my apt in this photo….I’m printing it now and will have a wonderful memory!

    8. Jan says:

      Wow! Nature giving the UWS a giant hug
      How beautiful!