72nd Street Subway Station That Had $25 Million Renovation Springs Another Leak

The 72nd Street B and C line subway station is leaking once again, puzzling riders who wonder why the MTA spent so much money rehabbing the station to add things like “waterproofing.”

The expedited $25 million renovation was completed in October and the leaks began almost immediately after it opened.

“We’re investigating the cause of this small leak that appeared in the wake of substantial rain, and will hold the contractor responsible for fixing it at their expense, under warranty,” MTA spokesperson Shams Tarek told The Post.

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    1. david says:

      And this surprises who?

    2. ST says:

      All those guys worked round the clock shifts. Very expensive. And it was still a total rush job. Thus the shoddy work.
      What I don’t appreciate is that at all the stations renovated along CPW last summer, the MTA reduced the number of benched by half on the platforms. We live in a neighborhood with an older demographic and the MTA saw fit to save money by making senior citizens stand while waiting for the train.

      • Martha Weissberg says:

        The lack of benches is very odd. Maybe they’re trying to reduce loitering, for it cannot, relatively speaking, be so expensive to spruce up the old benches and give people places to sit. I’m not sure why I’m so upset by this information, but I am sure I’m grateful to you for commenting on the situation. It’s just another reason for this senior citizen to avoid using the subway.

        • Seniorita says:

          I’m older than dirt, Martha, and I use a cane, and I agree with you that there should be more benches at the newly renovated stations, especially when the helpful new signs indicate that the next C train is 28 minutes away. But I’m not about to give up the subway which, crappy as it is, is still a viable option for getting from one end of the city to the other. With age comes entitlement, and I have stopped being shy about asking for a seat. Most of the youngsters hogging the benches are not unkind, just clueless. Try it; you might be surprised.

        • Sean says:

          The station was renovated for the tourists not residents.

      • B.W. says:

        That is a valid point about the benches! Also, why spend all that money, and not even bother to put in elevators for those same people? Such poor planning.

    3. gma says:

      The new 86th St. B/C station also leaks.

    4. EB says:

      Water was also raining down onto the tracks from the ceiling at the 110th Street/Cathedral Parkway station. The arrival time displays often don’t work as well.

    5. Miriam Fisher says:

      Leaks leaks leaks and no elevator or escalator or ramp. Another triumph for MTA

    6. Sarah says:

      Bad karma from not installing elevators!!!

    7. Upperwestsidewally says:

      I’m all in favor of putting in elevators at subway stations. But can you imagine (no, no pun here) a 10x10x15 foot glass elevator booth next to the Dakota, or anywhere on CPW for that matter? Yoko would put a stop to that with a little help from her friends (yup, pun!).

      • Sarah says:

        In my personal opinion, the ADA requires it.

      • SHG says:

        Maybe not. Last time I saw her she was in a wheelchair and looking as if she would appreciate an elevator (if she ever rides the subway . . .)

      • Jen says:

        Yoko may or may not play a part there but the main issue is lack of accountability. MTA does what it pleases without pleasing no one but themselves and they are not accountable to anyone. It is up to our Mayor and Governor to change that, but they shrug this responsibility because it actually requires serious effort.

      • Spence Halperin says:

        Cheap shot at Yoko, Upperwestsidewally. Aren’t you clever?

        • Fran says:

          Let us be eternally grateful for the Imagine murals
          at 72. I assume an elevator would be cost
          prohibitive given the task before them
          Our glorious city is a walking subway city
          and if they hadn’t spent so much money on
          bike lanes etc which nobody wants maybe
          it could have paid for an elevator/escalator
          or two Where are the city planning EXPERTS!

        • Upperwestsidewally says:

          Yes, cheap puns. But I doubt if Ms O has ever actually been on the subway.
          Bottom line: nobody in their 6+ M apartments on CPW wants a massive glass encased elevator motor compartment on their doorstep.

    8. Tracey Tetro says:

      Every time the MTA makes any kind of repair related to a water leak you can be sure that it will cost 3 times the amount of money to fix the leak due to overtime pay. And, as a reward for sub par work the leak(s) will continue.
      I suppose, we can all take solace in knowing that the 72nd and 86th Street subway stations on CPW have pretty murals that we tax payers paid for….Another waste of money.

    9. B.B. says:

      Reduction of benches, and or changes to more uncomfortable seating was likely the MTA’s way of dealing with the chronic (and worsening) homeless and loitering problem plaguing the subway system.


      • Sarah says:

        Oh, yeah, because if you take away seating, those people will definitely just…vanish into thin air…?

    10. Fran says:

      Btw the beautiful “Imagine” murals at 72 are a gift
      from our neighbor Yoko Ono. Thanks Yoko

    11. Mike says:

      The quality of the finish work is poor at best…sad to say.

      The last time I looked the janitorial closets were still filthy and not updated, tiles have grouting on them as wel as the stairs.

    12. Dianna says:

      Comments have been made here about the lack of benches at 72nd Street.
      Yesterday, while at the Oculus entrance near the WTC, with that ridiculous expansive marble mall and below that NO benches at the subway stop.
      When I was there in December, had assumed perhaps all had not yet been completed.
      Not only is it a very long and wendy route to find one’s way to the IRT – but by the time you do, you’re exhausted, especially when depending on a cane and dying for a place to sit down while waiting for a train. There is simply no place to sit in that vast cavern. It’s absurd.