Pupper West Side: Hazel Loves Puppies and Pizza

By A. Campbell

Name: Hazel

Age: 5 years old

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier, according to my doggy DNA test results!

Profile/history: Dad decided he wanted to get a dog and he started visiting the New York ASPCA once a month to see what they had. We instantly connected the day he saw me. I think my tongue may have had something to do with it. People tell me it’s very disarming and lovable. Heh! Before Dad came along, I’d had a pretty tough life – I even had to have both of my hips replaced! But now my days are filled with long walks in the park, lounging on the couch, and tending to our garden. Our meeting has been transformational for both of us. We take care of each other and Dad says that having a dog makes New York feel smaller – you get into a routine, you get fresh air, and meet your neighbors.

Daily routine: Each morning we head to the park for some off-leash romping around with other pups. I’m a very low-maintenance pup though. Aside from a casual afternoon walk, I mostly spend my days cuddled up on the couch while Dad is at work. We’re lucky to live in a garden apartment, so on the weekends we’ll lay outside together basking in the sun, sipping summer cocktails. If we’re feeling productive we might also weed the garden and plant new flowers. My job is to help dig holes for the new flowers! But…erg…sometimes I forget that I’m not supposed to dig them up once they’re actually in the ground.

Loves: Puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies? And sticks. And pizza! Sometimes I’ll start closely trailing people walking along with their street slice. You never know when the slice might accidentally just slip off their paper plate, right?! Nom, nom, nom.

Does not love: Thunder and fireworks. Both of which bounce off all the brick buildings here. I’d like to issue a special PSA to my fellow Pupper West Siders: the New York Philharmonic is holding a free summer concert in the park tomorrow. That sounds absolutely lovely for humans. Enjoy! But pups, beware.

Favorite store/business on UWS: Anywhere that people come out and give me attention. I’ve gotten some nice pets from the folks at Aesop. We used to also stop by the Flying Fisherman, but that recently closed. D’oh!

Favorite treat: Anything from Bark Box! I just love when it arrives each month. Such a wonderful departure from bills, ads, and random catalogues that you never signed up to receive. Bonobos, anyone?

Favorite park spot: The entrance to Central Park near 72nd Street is a favorite. I love the long stretch of grass and trees where pups gather to romp around and greet each other. Dad and I also like to visit Bethesda Fountain.

What kind of business would you like to see take the space of the former Lowe’s and Food Emporium at 68th and Broadway? Well, I have to start by saying that I miss Lowe’s. Dad and I used to shop there for plants and gardening supplies, so it held warm memories for me. Selfishly, I suppose I’d love for a pet supply store to move in. A big one where they offer toys, outfits, grooming services – the works! But, Dad and I are also avid supporters of local businesses, so I would be delighted to see a local entrepreneur take over the space and transform it into a bustling neighborhood landmark.

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If West Side Rag readers are interested in becoming pet owners, we encourage you to consider adopting or volunteering to be a foster parent with one of the many sheltersand nonprofits based in and around New York City. These include but aren’t limited to: Muddy Paws RescueAnimal Lighthouse RescueAnimal Care Centers of NYCNYC ASPCAHumane Society of New YorkBideaweeSocial Tees; and Animal Haven.

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    1. Matt Zarzecki says:

      Thanks for the feature! Hazel and I are thrilled!

    2. Kate says:

      so happy to see a pittie featured! adorable!

    3. UWS_lifer says:

      This one might be my favorite so far. Look at that face!!

      I’d ‘accidentally’ drop my slice for you anyday. Hazel.:)

    4. Sarah says:

      Who wouldn’t give Hazel some of their pizza???