Openings & Closings: The Calaveras, Walgreens, Asset, West End Taqueria, Master Tailor, Renzo Gracie

The Calaveras is now open at 949 Columbus Avenue, the former home of Fat Monk located between 106th and 107th Streets. It’s got “modern Mexican food”, with specialties like the Caleveras burger, which is “stuffed with Oaxaca cheese, topped with morita aioli, tomatoes, pickled red onion and watercress.” And the patio just opened. Here’s the menu.

West End Taqueria is about a week from opening on the corner of 96th Street and West End, the former home of Super Tacos. Thanks to Francesca for the tip.

Walgreens at 97th and Broadway is set to close on June 3, according to a sign on the window. Thanks to Robert and Sharon for the tips.

A new restaurant called Asset is opening on Columbus between 75th and 76th where Make used to be. It’s from the same owners as Tessa (Asset is Tessa backwards). “The menu will be ‘New American’ with lots of small plates, house made pastas, a variety of entrees, sides, desserts, etc,” wrote Patrick Duxbury of Tessa. “We have two levels of seating with a bar on each floor.” Main floor has a large bar, lounge area and seating for dining.” Upstairs there will be more seating and another smaller bar. In total there will be about 170 seats if you count the bars. “Eventually we will have an outdoor café with an additional 20 or seats.” They’re hoping to open in June. Thanks to Lisa for the tip.

Master Tailor has opened at 77 West 85th Street. Thanks to Adam for the tip.

Renzo Gracie Martial Arts Academy opened a few weeks ago in the subcellar at 246 Columbus Avenue. “At Renzo Gracie UWS, we teach Jiu-Jitsu and self-defence under a proven method used by the Gracie Family for over 100 years,” they tell us. “Our goal is to empower women, men and kids alike, giving them the tools to live a life full of confidence, and unleash their full potential on and off the mats.”

Upper West Cuts barber shop has reopened next to West Side Market on Broadway between 98th and 97th after a prolonged closure. Karen tells us there’s new ownership.

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    1. jmorales says:

      Hope they change the sign on West End Taqueria from “we delivery.”

    2. William Sharfman says:

      Speaking of West Side Market, the one is still sorely missed between 77th and 76th on Broadway, it still comes up in conversation, and there are still customers….. Any word at all at the possibility it will resurface near its old home?

      • Miranda Smith says:

        I never thought I would say this in Manhattan but ANY food market would be welcome in upper 70’s or 80’s!

        • Juan says:

          The Key Food at 86 and Amsterdam and Gristedes at 84 and Columbus say hi!

          Sure, these are not perfect, but they are more than adequate.

          People around here are constantly looking for things to complain about…

        • Michael G says:

          Like Juan said…
          And along with Key Food and Gristedes, there’s Zabar’s, Broadway Farm, Zingone Brothers — and if you’re willing to trek an extra 5 minutes, there’s Pioneer, Fairway, and Citarella.

          Oh, and all those deli/grocers, bakeries, and the farmer’s market next to the Natural History Museum on Sundays.

    3. Sarah says:

      That’s a fairly large Walgreen’s (though I never liked it). Going to be a big empty space on the block.

      • Uwsider says:

        Hard to see what business fits that space anymore with its big underground area. It’s another one which will ait vacant for a decade.

      • B.B. says:

        Think huge issue for Walgreens, DR, CVS, etc.. is the fact they all expanded to become health/beauty aid, stationary, housekeeping/cleaning supplies, etc… but you can find all those things now online and often much cheaper.

        Routinely see Amazon, Jet and other boxes delivered to our lobby with toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, and so forth.

    4. Walt says:

      Here we go again… Beyond Meat goes IPO, their stock it through the roof and they can’t make their products fast enough to meet the demand. Burger King is launching a plant based burger nation wide, and McDonald’s is launching a vegan burger in Germany with the US soon to follow. Yet here in UWS we get more new restaurants specializing in cruel and disgusting pork, steak, and cheese!! Please just maybe don’t open?! Go away! Please bring us new healthy, plant based, slaughter free choices only! I’m getting tired of this and having to complain about it. UWS its time to advance your consciences.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        cheese is cruel? if so then I’m the dungeon master of muenster.

      • dannyboy says:

        Beware GMOs!

      • DC says:

        Agree, Walt!
        And, yes, cheese is cruel.

      • Jen says:

        Vegetarian is great.

        But please don’t associate meat consumers with words like “disgusting” and call for them “go away”.

        Also “plant-sourced” and “healthy” are not synonyms. Neither is “high-calorie” and “unhealthy “.

        Enough with bashing and hysterics.

        • dannyboy says:


          I’m with you.

          One thing to add is this new “plant-based” food that is concocted in the laboratory doesn’t sound healthy for anyone.

        • Steen says:

          Jen, What do you meaning– please no bashing and hysterics on WSR? How will the majority of people be able to post anything then?! 😉

          There isn’t a topic on this site that someone can’t wrench over into an apocalyptic vision of four-year-olds on scooters mowing down the elderly while holding onto skateboard-riding bulldogs slaughtering goats. That’s how this place rolls.

      • Mc. Donald says:

        MORE MCDONALDS!!!!

      • Michael G says:

        Looks like Calaveras has vegetarian options. There are also like three vegan places all in the 80s.

      • Gazza says:

        I love Impossible Burgers, but I’ve only ordered them at non-vegan restaurants. In fact, I’ve never set foot in a vegan restaurant. Perhaps one day I will. But, until then, the only way you’ll get me—and most people—to change is through a step-wise approach.

      • Rk says:

        Nutritionally impossible burgers are not really any healthier than real burgers. And if you’re a veg for moral reasons I’m not sure why you would enjoy something that tastes a lot like bloody meat.
        Lab grown real meat is the next big thing

    5. Jon says:

      I guess West End Taqueria figures they’ll last roughly six weeks like everything else in that death trap storefront.

      • dannyboy says:

        The bodega was there for decades. Knew all of the kids at P.S. 75

        • Ll says:

          I loved that bodega. I could not believe when it closed. And why open a new taco place when the last one lasted, what, a month? Plus the truck on Broadway…why go to Western d for the same thing?

      • WombatNYC says:

        This corner always makes me nervous . You have cars flying thru lights and turning quickly . They should really have a few barriers around the location . Only a matter of time before a car goes right thru the front window and tacos splatter everywhere

        • Nina says:

          Sorely miss the bodega. We live on that block. The Super Taco deli was a bad business idea and lasted very little time. There was something called Super Tacos deli that was open for maybe two days. The store has been empty for most of four years or so. I fail to understand why someone would try opening another taco place there. Any deep background on these businesses would be appreciated.

          Yes, the traffic is awful on that corner. My friend Allan was killed there in 1992. He lived across the street from the taqueria.

          • dannyboy says:

            I am sorry for your loss of your dear friend Allan.

            You asked for “Any deep background on these businesses would be appreciated.”

            The last grocer was Middle-Eastern. After 9/11 he tried to show his loyalty by flying American flags. That didn’t work. Neighborhood hatred pushed him out.

            • Nina says:

              I’ve got to say this does not compute. I moved to the block in 2003, and the bodega was popular and the owners/workers well liked. I was told the owner wanted to retire.

              I’m really more interested in who is opening these taco places. They seem like such poor business choices. My husband thinks they are just tax dodges. Or fronts for something else Does anyone remember the weird store fronts in the late 70s that housed numbers games or drug dealers? They would have one item in the window, like a bottle of Ajax.

    6. Rob G. says:

      Maybe The Wiz will come back to take over the Walgreen’s space. I need to upgrade my Sony boom box to a double-cassette model.

    7. Amy says:

      The space where Machevelli (sp?) was does not have a for rent sign anymore. Anyone have any clues?

      • Ronald Kaufman says:

        A live music/restaurant bar called Consulate and The Office will be opening in the former Machevelli space. It’s rumored to be by the ownership of Boucherie.

    8. Larry K says:

      Yes. We need more awareness of proper foods and eating. A balanced diet is when you have chocolate in each hand!

    9. Michelle says:

      Asset is Tessa spelled backwards 🙂 Really looking forward to having this in the neighborhood!

    10. Fbalino says:

      I just became a member at the Renzo Gracie UWS location. Incredible space and instructors. Anyone looking to build self-confidence and learn an incredible art should check them out!

    11. chuck D says:

      Hooray for the Taqueria putting up a sign! Hopefully this will help them gain customers (and the typo on the sign is kind of cool, don’t change it!)

    12. Irate Partisan says:

      West End Ave needs more restaurants and a few atmospheric lounges with strict door policies. Pretty please?

    13. Robin Rice says:

      VERY disappointed that the 97th Street Walgreens is closing! Their pharmacy is excellent, with dependable delivery. I researched drug prices in the neighborhood and they were the lowest. Now where will we go?

    14. Susan Gutterman says:

      I agree with Robin Rice. The pharmacy staff there were so kind when my husband was in his last illness.
      After The Wiz I think the store was empty for about 10 years. It probably will be again.
      It’s getting hard to be an old-timer in this neighborhood.

      • Ll says:

        The WIZ. I did not realize that was the same space.

        It is scary when Duane Reades close. Very unnerving.

        • dannyboy says:

          I spoke with a lovely cashier yesterday who admitted that she LOVED the store.

          She thought some tourist themed outfit might move in.

    15. B.B. says:

      Walgreens, Duane Reade and CVS are on a roll with store closures lately.

      DR just closed store on 84th and Third transferring all prescriptions to store just around the corner on Lexington and 84th.

      It is ironic that for years people moaned about how banks, Starbucks, and chain drug stores were opening all over and kicking out small stores. Now they are all reducing their footprints and people are unhappy.

      CVS also seems to have reduced hours at many locations. Many once open 24/7 now close at 10PM or so on weeknights. Not sure about weekends.

      • dannyboy says:

        “It is ironic that for years people moaned about how banks, Starbucks, and chain drug stores were opening all over and kicking out small stores. Now they are all reducing their footprints and people are unhappy.”

        There is nothing ironic! You yourself note how ‘banks, Starbucks, and chain drug stores were opening all over and kicking out small stores’.

        The you conclude that ‘Now they are all reducing their footprints and people are unhappy.’

        Not irony, but rather genuine that people are unhappy that the original small stores are gone and the chains that pushed them out are now gone. So we have no stores, just empty storefronts.

        Take a walk.

    16. Mark Moore says:

      So is the taco truck going to stick around on Bway and 96th after the tacqueria opens? If not I’m going to have to a walk an extra block for tacos chivos.

      • dannyboy says:

        Extell’s Condos will displace them. It’s The New Upper West Side, you know.

    17. Tom says:

      According to a worker there the other day, the Popeyes on Broadway at 95th Street will open on Monday.