UWS Restaurant Olma Delivers After 9 PM Specials — $5 Menu at Bar and 50% Off Bottles of Wine Available at Tables


One thing is certain, Olma Restaurant and Bar at 420 Amsterdam Avenue (80th-81st) is building a solid reputation on the Upper West Side for not just remarkable food, drinks, and service, but also for their creative and impressive promotions. Olma’s owner Jacob recently announced the two latest, both aimed at delivering an even more affordable and exceptional experience for those who come to the bar or restaurant at 9 PM or later. Late-night diners and drinkers will certainly be more-than-happy to hear the news about what is becoming many people’s first-choice in Upper West Side restaurant and bars.

“We want to encourage an exciting late night scene here at Olma both at our bar and in our restaurant,” commented Jacob, well known for his passion for delivering the best experience at Olma possible. “Our two new promotions are a way to encourage more people to come and spend their nights here with us and enjoy our first-class menu and wine. For those looking for a date night or night out with some friends on the Upper West Side that doesn’t break the bank, Olma Restaurant and Bar couldn’t be a better choice.”

The first of the two promotions, at the restaurant well-known for their small plates, premium-quality steaks, and seafood is the new Special $5 Bar Menu after 9 PM. Made with the usual Olma culinary team’s attention to deliciousness and detail the bar menu includes Olma Restaurant and Bar customer favorites like black caviar bites, red caviar bites, chicken wings, tuna tacos and many more choices. It’s near guaranteed to feature something that meets every taste. The special bar menu is available every night starting at 9 PM.

The second special nighttime promotion is for those out for dinner and sitting at one of Olma’s tables. In a discount very much unheard of anywhere else in NYC, every bottle of red or white wine on the menu is available at an astonishing 50% discount. Guest must purchase a dinner to be eligible for the discount bottle of wine, of course.

The feedback for Olma Restaurant and Bar just continues to grow more positive all the time.

Henry C., from New York City, recently remarked in a five-star review, “When it comes to a night out with my wife, which we like to do at least once a week, 75% of the time we now come to Olma Restaurant and Bar. Not only do we love the food, the service, and the whole vibe at Olma, but they just run specials that are incredible all the time. We can go out, enjoy ourselves fully, and definitely save money over other restaurant choices that aren’t nearly as good on the Upper West Side.”

For more information be sure to visit www.olmarestaurant.com.

Olma Restaurant & Bar
420 Amsterdam Avenue

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