Openings & Closings: Good Enough to Eat Spinoff, La Vela, FUMO, Danny’s Pharmacy

Good Enough to Eat, the longtime American homestyle-cooking spot on Columbus and the north corner of 85th Street opened a sister restaurant just up the block on Thursday night. The new restaurant, in the former home of Zen Taco, has a somewhat different menu, with things like burgers and chicken dishes. Thanks to Ken for the photo.

Italian restaurant La Vela on Amsterdam near 78th says it is closing on February 16. The restaurant has a notice up on its Facebook page that it will close on that day and Joyce Robbins dined there on Thursday: “the owner told us to follow their Facebook page for a possible reopening on the East Side.” She says it has been there for 34 years.

FUMO, a pizza and pasta restaurant with another location on 139th Street just opened on Broadway between 107th and 108th streets. Check out the menu at the uptown location here. Thanks to Haley and Laura for the tips.

Danny’s Pharmacy II recently opened at 110 West End Ave (65th Street). It’s not immediately clear where Danny’s Pharmacy I is (if you know, tell us). Thanks to Joy for the photo.

A new barber shop just opened at 451 Columbus Avenue between 81st and 82nd Street. “Our grand opening will be Sunday February 17 but we are open for business,” writes owner Alex. “We specialize in all haircuts, with special scissors and clipper technique. We keep our business up to date with all trends, styles and design. From classic to modern you can expect top service in all your needs.”

Schatzie’s butcher shop and Richie’s burgers on Broadway between 101st and 102nd is renovating. Once the renovations are done, the space wil be about half the size but it will continue to serve both fresh meat and burgers, though the seating area will be removed so you’ll have to do takeout or delivery.

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    1. cranky old man says:

      Just what the neighborhood needs, another big pasta and pizza restaurant. What happened to the good old days when you could buy your own homemade pizza dough in the corner shops. Thanks Dumblasio.

    2. Risa says:

      Danny’s Pharmacy is one or two storefronts down from Toga Bike shop.

    3. Janet David says:

      Danny’s Pharmacy is @ 110 West End Ave between 65 and 64 ( on the East side of West End Ave). They’re very nice to deal with. Unfortunately their storefront is somewhat obscured by scaffolding. A landmark for them is Toga bike store -right next door

    4. Steve Barber says:

      Just noting that the new Good Enough to Eat Burgers, Chicken, and Brew is not only in the former Zen Taco space but before the short-lived Zen Taco was The Firehouse. The new menu, at least at the bullet point level, seems very similar to what The Firehouse did, at least food category-wise and if so, my reaction is: yay!

    5. izz says:

      Went to Fumo already last night – SO GOOD! Such an awesome addition to the neighborhood–really cool decor and great food to match!

    6. Norma Lehmeier Hartie says:

      Danny’s Parmacy is on West End btw 65 and 66th on east side of street.

    7. B.W. says:

      “Good Enough to Eat…opened a sister restaurant just up the block…”

      It’s LITERALLY right next door, not “up the block.”

    8. sam says:

      Good luck to Fumo, they will need it. This is, I think, the 4th upper market Pasta/Pizza restaurant on Broadway in the 106-107th street vicinity. Folks just haven’t been willing to support these places for very long..

    9. West Sider says:

      $7.50 for a Tecate at Burgers, Chicken, Brew. Ha! This place will last about as long as Zen Taco.

    10. Natalie says:

      Danny’s pharmacy is on the east side of West End Ave between W 65 & W64 st. Just a few stores north of Toga bike store.