Video: Police Pull Screeching Raccoon From Awning on 86th Street

A raccoon hopped from a tree onto the awning at 200 West 86th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue on Sunday morning. It got to hang out only briefly, until police showed up. Yolanda Lyle filmed what happened next, and explained more below.

“Building doormen noticed it early this morning. It was initially in a tree out front (around 7:30). We have scaffolding up due to facade work and it was nestled in the tree at the edge of the scaffolding. A resident called 311 and was told it couldn’t be removed because it was in its “natural habitat.” A tree on 86th St – during daylight. Go figure…

A few hours later, it had moved to the top of the awning. After a few residents called 911, the police came and did an excellent job of getting it off of the awning. It didn’t immediately appear sick. Not entirely sure where they took it, but we were glad to see it go!”

Intrigued by adventurous raccoons? Read about one that got into a kid’s bedroom on the eighth floor of a building on 93rd Street last year.

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    1. dannyboy says:


      Is scaffolding now considered “natural habitat” in NYC?

    2. Alex says:

      Of course a tree on 86th is their “natural habitat.” Why do human beings persist in thinking that since we built a city, there should be no other animals here but us?

    3. Lindsay Freda says:

      Sadly, raccoons are typically brought to Animal Care Centers of NYC where they are killed. Was he bothering anyone? Why not just leave him alone? He would eventually leave the awning in search of food/water. Raccoons are only vicious when cornered, have babies, or are sick with rabies. In general, wild life will avoid humans.

    4. erica bessette says:

      there was a raccoon party between 87th and 88th on sunday evening. loud enough to wake neighbors. i do not like looking out my window and seeing one in a tree 3 feet away.