We’re Taking A Few Days Off


West Side Rag won’t be posting much for the next few days so the editors can recharge, and briefly look at something other than a computer screen. Say it with us…Ommmm……

Comments may also be delayed in going up.

Photo by Moyan Brenn.

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    1. dannyboy says:


    2. Lord Of The Slice says:

      translation: We won’t be around because we’ll be at Trader Joes.

    3. Gee says:

      Enjoy yourself. Thank you.

    4. lynn says:

      Life w/o a computer screen? ;o

      Hope you all have a great 4th of July break!

    5. NYYgirl says:

      Happy vacation 🙂

    6. Freddy says:

      LOVE the service you provide. Your work is fabulous. Also love that you give a platform for the comments section. Always great for s good laugh. Enjoy yourselves. Thanks soooo much!