After Devastating Fire, Broadway Restaurant Set to Reopen Wednesday

Broadway Restaurant, an old-school Upper West Side diner on Broadway between 101st and 102nd Street that opened in 1970 nearly succumbed to a devastating fire on New Year’s Day. But owner Tony Arsenis has gotten the place back up and running, and he’s now planning to reopen on Wednesday.

“Same cushions and seats inside,” writes Sasha, who sent the photo above. Bill sent the photo below.

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    1. EricaC says:

      That’s great – best wishes to Mr. Arsenis!

    2. Scott says:

      So do we know what caused the fire anyway? I haven’t seen any follow-up on this.

    3. Sarah says:

      Good luck!

    4. Jodi Verse says:

      I am overjoyed! I passed by with my brother last week and the two fellas inside, one of whom I’m assuming was Tony Arsenis, told us that they would be reopening soon. I can’t wait to become the “regular” I always wanted to be!

    5. Janis says:


    6. Stewart Weinstein says:

      Happy you’re back. See you soon!

    7. Susan Levit says:

      Today was the re-opening and this morning my friend and I returned. We congratulated everyone and sat down in a window booth. In this era of local businesses going out of business left and right, these guys came back. So happy for them.

    8. Gila Lipton says:

      Bravo & much good luck! This place is like ” Cheers” for me- a home away from home, a place you feel where you belong! Thanks, & wishing you many more good years!… Gila

      • Dissident says:

        Where everybody knows your name…You wanna go where everybody knows your name!

        Brings back memories. Does Nickelodeon still play Cheers re-runs?

    9. Simone says:

      Yes!! What great news.

    10. Gristedes on 86st off Broadway.. is closing soon !
      Nothing foodwise has opened since Food Empirium closed.. unbelievable lack of supermarkets.. however,
      More and more buildings are going up!!

    11. Paul RL says:

      I’m here right now and the place looks fabulous. Meaning – it’s exactly the same as before!

    12. Elizabeth M. says:

      Best of luck and we will be coming by!

    13. Bill Barnes says:

      Great news! I am so happy the Broadway re opened. I go to eat there every time I visit NYC. Congrats to Tony, Chris, Theresa and everyone involved, all the best to everyone, and thank you for re opening!

    14. UWCider says:

      Yay! and when will the original Big- Nicks re-open?