Laytner’s to Close After 57 Years

Laytner’s Linen & Home at 2287 Broadway (82nd) is closing after 57 years on the Upper West Side, the store said in a note on the window this weekend.

Laytner’s had been in a long negotiation with its landlord, who had put a “for rent” sign on the door months ago. Owner Alan Laytner had told us the negotiations were continuing as of just four days ago.

Laytner’s shrunk its store back in 2013. It still has an Upper East Side location.

The store initially sold mostly linens, but customers “kept trying to buy the bed displays,” New York magazine wrote. Now it sells all sorts of home goods.

Thanks to Sue for the photos.

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    1. 2020Broadway says:

      This one sucks. I loved this store!

    2. Nelson says:

      The writing was on the wall (and now it is, literally). Losing the space next door and then the “For Lease” sign that went up a year ago was the beginning of the end! Lots of nice folks in there…it’s sad but not surprising. I don’t know how they managed to compete with online shopping or BB&B for as long as they did. End of an era!

    3. Margaret says:

      I haz sad. When I moved to the upper west side in 1974, I discovered Mr. Laytner’s little “hole in the wall” shop on the west side of Broadway; it turned out that he and my late mom knew each other in Poland from before the war. As they were both Holocaust survivors, I always had a special place in my heart for him. That memory will always stay with me. What has become of our neighborhood? The times they have a changed.

    4. Karin says:

      I’m sorry they can’t find a smaller location in the neighborhood but I’m hopeful this becomes the new Price Wise location!

      Btw, Hale and Hearty a block away closed on Friday.

    5. EricaC says:

      That’s too bad; it’s a nice store. I buy things there when I need them, but I just don’t need home goods that often.

    6. Harold says:

      Another one bites the dust.
      Greedy landlords.
      Greedy system.

      • Sherman says:

        Yes, greedy landlords. I see you’re an expert in business.

        I guess competition from all the chain stores in the area and online shopping had absolutely nothing to do with Laytner’s closing.

        • Christina says:

          It’s a combination of ALL of them…greedy landlords, online shopping and chain stores! It’s the result of ALL three!!!

      • EricaC says:

        Without in any way wanting to endorse Sherman or the other members of the army of adolescent snark that seems to have taken over our government (Womp womp, Sherman?), I do think you’ve jumped to a conclusion. In fact, this seems more likely to be a victim of “greedy consumer”, as in, people seeking the lower prices they can get online or in chain stores. Mind you, I don’t object to people doing that – especially those who feel they have no choice – but it is a good reminder that “greed” can be just each of us looking out for our narrow self-interest, and taken collectively, it has impacts. And if you do think you have a right to maximize your financial situation by buying at the lowest price, how do you then suggest that landlords do not have the right to maximize theirs?

        We all make choices. They have consequences.

      • Woody says:

        How does your system work for retail? Offer a low-rent lease for another long-term period to a retailer that wasn’t cutting it before the lease came up for renewal? If real estate investment is so easy, why doesn’t everyone put their money where their mouth is.

      • Marsha Greenberg says:

        Lazy Mayor!

    7. chris w says:

      A loss for the neighborhood. Several decades ago, we bought an armoire from them which is still going strong. It was under 2 thousand I believe. Made in the USA. Solid wood –not the cr*p made of plywood that you would find at a lot of places which would start warping a few years in. The people who worked there were really nice too.

    8. Ron Shapley says:

      Becoming a neighborhood of vacant storefronts

      • BillyNYC says:

        No not really…. it’s just the time we’re going through of the old and the new to come. It will all balance out shortly.

    9. Linda Davis says:

      Sad! Bought numerous things there-from sheets and towels to ottomans and throws. BB&B will never be a replacement for this family store. Sorry to see it go..
      Best wishes to the Laytners.

    10. BillyNYC says:

      I have been living here as long as they’ve been here and I have never shopped in the store because the quality of the linens were really are not up to par. What we are missing here on the Upper Westside is Bloomingdale’s … Great quality linens and good pricing and I do love their three hour window delivery service to the Westside.

    11. MDG says:

      S A D.

      Neighborhood gets uglier and uglier as time goes by.

      At least I am able to have been one of the lucky ones who WAS raised in one of the best, friendliest and diverse neighborhoods in Manhattan.

      Another one bites the dust.

      • Sherman says:

        You’re right. The good old days were great.

        The UWS was clean, safe and desirable in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s before all those evil gentrifiers and greedy landlords destroyed everything.

        • BillyNYC says:

          But… old. Bring on the “NEW” days, love change!

        • Christina says:

          What’s with the sarcasm?! Of course, the 70’s and 80’ weathers upper west side wasn’t clean not that safe. Neither was the rest of the city, BUT the smaller stores and the mom and pop stores are gone and THAT is what’s a shame! It’s too bad that the mega chain stores and the mom & pop stores can’t coexist!

    12. Doreen Wohl says:

      SAD. Laytners is my regular stop for linens, towels, shower curtains etc. Good quality, reasonable prices and courteous service.

    13. Lewis Sternberg says:

      Layner’s closing on the UWS has nothing to do with its’ landlord. It was an internal decision made by the owners for business reasons.

    14. Doug Garr says:

      All of the smaller buildings on the UWS that have commercial spaces are the problem. The landlords have modest (or at least affordable) rents for the few tenants they have, so they try to make up for it with outlandish square foot prices for the storefronts. Hence, you see what happens. The McDonald’s space unrented for several years, and now PriceWise going (even though they got an extension to their lease through September). This is a huge issue.

    15. UWS BART says:

      Another family owned business on the UWS dies because of the greed of landlords. I can’t wait to see what bank chain takes it place. Shame on these leeches. Shame on them.

      • EricaC says:

        I really do wish that we could find out whether the people who make this complaint go bargain hunting online. Those who do should not make this complaint.

    16. Cjberk says:

      As I’ve said before, something is wrong with the UWS; more than other neighborhoods I frequent and work in. In a short amount of time, we’ve lost Westside Market, Price Wise, now Laytners and of all things 2 excellent and efficient Duane Reade drug stores. Replacements have been exactly zero….empty boarded up storefronts, an expanded soap store (why?)and near WEA where a great pharmacist worked we now have a childcare center of some sort. The DR on Broadway(72nd) has somehow become a depressing prime shoplifting target and one block down on Amsterdam & 70th there are no less than 40 bicycles chained to the scaffolding. It has become a homeless encampment at night and the street is strewn with garbage. Trashbaskets on the UWS are ancient and rusted out, overflowing and filthy. The booksellers remain with their free storage and their psychotic vendors. The tall thin man still constantly screams as you pass by. Of course it’s a combination of circumstances, greed, poor representation, an influx of cheap hotels with tourists who don’t care, junk discount stores(Marshalls where everything is plastic) and an over abundance of SRO housing. We are the repository for NYC trash: come to the UWS dump your garbage, park your bike, steal some meds and go back home. Anyone notice the graffiti covered magazine boxes of publications long gone? Year after year they remain standing for no reason. I finally was able to get one removed but it took months. Our bus, the M104 was cut making it verifiably useless since it no longer goes to Grand Central. So to conclude when I was approached to sign for Linda Rosenthal,NOT A CHANCE. I’m a democrat but this is unacceptable. Even if the 20th precinct is unresponsive and incompetent something else must change here.

      • Fred DuBose says:

        So you’ve never noticed the trio of large trashbaskets on the avenues, one for mixed paper (where I dispose of my stack of New York Times), one for littler, and one for bottles? They’re very had to miss…

      • Anon says:

        What is wrong with having a childcare center of some sort?

      • Sean says:

        Where are the cheap hotels?

      • Roxy says:

        You are correct in all respects. Major eyesores on UWS: overflowing garbage cans, zombie scaffolding, homeless encampments, free paper dispensers that become garbage receptacles, empty storefronts that become magnets for beggers/litter. All while the building of oversize luxury condos for absentee oligarchs to park their money in continues unabated.

        • Sean says:

          The Broadway corridor is being redeveloped that’s all. The rest of the UWS is fine. Expect many more Asian businesses to open up near Columbia. There is a large Chinese presence at the school.

    17. MF says:

      I also love this store and stop by often to browse, if not to buy. So sad to see it is closing.

    18. Merida Welles says:

      My favorite store in all of NYC. I could never resist going in. How sad. Thank you Laytner Family for your service to the community and good taste.

    19. Kathleen Treat says:

      This is a beloved go-to store for all New Yorkers. Yet another example of landlords controlling our quality of life. No more Lincoln Plaza Cinema, no more invaluable Price Wise. Soon every store front will be a mediocre chain. How can we stop this?

    20. Debbie says:

      That’s a shame. I hope the greedy landlord can’t rent it out now. The greed of landlords is ruining our neighborhood and our city.

    21. Rick says:

      Is it true that the building is owned by Zabars?

    22. Betty, Veteran Upper West Sider says:

      Is it true, or just rumored, that Laytner’s landlord is
      Zabar’s? If true, how troubling. Maybe time to permanently skip the nova.

      • Woody says:

        Without knowing any facts about the negotiations between landlord and tenant, your boycott threat is pathetic. You don’t even know who the landlord is.

      • Steph says:

        It’s possible. The Zabar family owns a bunch of buildings on Broadway. However, from what I’ve heard (and this could be wrong) they are somewhat accommodating and fair with small business owners

    23. Larry Holliday says:

      One of my all time favorite stores on the UWS! So sorry to hear this news. Their selection and service was unparalleled.

    24. Sad Escarole of the Upper West Side says:

      So, sad. Losing Laytners, another UWS landmark – focused on meeting needs of its customers, and always treating us with a helping hand – is gone.

      In favor of what, I wonder? How long will the store front be empty? I wish the landlord a long and fallow rental market until s/he returns to affordable rates for community-focused retailers and service providers.

    25. Sean says:

      Bring back Fowad.

    26. Tom says:

      And all these closings are occurring during the “greatest economy ever”. Imagine what a prolonged economic downturn will mean for the remaining small business owners?

    27. Alan Laytner says:

      A note to some of these snarky remarks (gotta love Upper West Siders ) about our Landlord.

      Our Landlord has been fair and generous throughout the years. We would have gone out of business many years sooner if it wasn’t for their interest in keeping the neighborhood vibrant.

      Our sign says “We decide to close…”
      that is a fact not “fake news”.

      Alan Laytner
      Laytner’s Linen & Home

      • StevenCinNYC says:

        Nice to see facts debunking baseless claims. Thanks for taking the time to set the record straight. It’s bad enough that our ersatz president purposely lies all the time. There’s no reason to let people randomly degrade the news by making up their own facts here, too.

      • Albert175 says:

        I don’t understand, and I cannot believe that you would close if your rent remained affordable.

      • Sherman says:

        Thanks for the clarification as to why your store closed.

        Unfortunately, there are still some conspiracy obsessed folks who post on this site and are as ignorant as they are fanatical. No matter what kind of evidence you present to them they will still insist that some “greedy” landlord is the sole reason Laytner’s closed.

        As the old saying goes “don’t confuse me with the facts. I’ve already made up my mind”.

        Anyway, I’ve shopped at Laytner’s in the past. I’m sorry to see you go. Good luck with your future endeavors.

    28. Sean says:

      Please note the comment from Alan Layton. I really think that the reason the store is closing is that fact that they don’t have enough business on the UWS. The store on E86th is doing just fine. We should take a good hard look at who exactly is the customer on the UWS today and not in years past.

      • Sean says:

        That condo called The Astor on Broadway and 74th that has been under construction like forever sold all of its’ street level retail space to a single buyer for $123 million. That’s a full city block. It’s the block where Barney’s used to be.

    29. \Lisa says:

      Why are you posting hackneyed anri-landlord hate mail? Which one of you has ever attempted to manage real estate ? It is not the greedy landlords that are ruining the city” It is the incompetent, corrupt and greedy Mayor De Blasio who is ruining this city!. Look at the constant increase in real estate taxes of which you are totally ignorant. You are looking at the surface exactly where De Blasio wants you to look. He said he would not increase taxes.:he increased the estimated value of each building and then based his tax on this. Wjen he drives all the small building owners out of business, where wlll you all find the cheap apartments that you feel entitled to Try the clean, well run, up to code NYCHA apartments that the city offers. Enjoy.
      I am sick of these biased c and unintelligent cmments ou rpint. I can hear nonsense like this on Fox TV for free.

      • ws says:

        Retail isn’t being ruined at all. It is transitioning, as it always does. Even before Amazon came along the US hads 400% more retail space per capita than Europe. NYC is no exception. Competition is fierce and prices are very low in the US. Rents are down 30% or more and possibly still falling. NYC has been steadily improving for 30 years. Don’t be frightened.

    30. Jo Baldwin says:

      Another win for the greed-merchants. “It’s a wonderful town”.

      • EricaC says:

        Which ones? I’m sure you saw the note above from the proprietor saying it wasn’t landlords, so which greedy monsters was it?

        Could it be you? Do you order from the Internet?

    31. Mary M Clark says:

      Terrible! When will it close?

    32. Cozmocharlie says:

      Alan Laytner, the OWNER OF LAYTNERS commented and THAT should shut all of you up. Say you’ll miss the store, you loved the store, you disliked the store, say your feelings about THE STORE.
      NONE of you know anything about the landlord, the owners or the reasons for closure. Sometimes the comments here are an excuse for those who NEED TO SPEW TRASH TALK JUST FOR SPORT.

    33. Sean says:

      Who is the guy in the picture?