The Upper West Side’s Barber Museum Is Open, And They’re Giving Shaves

The Barber Shop Museum at 290 Columbus Avenue (74th Street) opened on Friday. The location is both a barber shop and a cultural institution, showcasing items from more than 100 years of barber-ing. It’s run by Arthur Rubinoff, who owns Reamir barber shops and whose father collected barber shop antiques.

“In the museum ambitiously decorated with lots of décor, golden elements, handcrafted woodwork and impressive chandeliers brightening the space, all guests would get a pleasure to go back to the earlies 1900, the beginning of modern history of barbershops,” the museum’s Instagram page says.

“Among the many artifacts in his gold-trimmed room are trays of wicked-looking blades by Wilkinson Sword and Gillette no longer used by modern barbers, antique barber poles, vintage signs and a Koch barber chair dating to 1929 looking very much like the one James Dean made famous,” Metro NY reported..

The museum, which is free to visit, will also offer haircuts and shaves for a fee.

The hours are flexible on many days.

Mon: Casual hours

Tues: 10.30am – 9pm

Wed:10am – 8pm

Thurs: 11am – 11pm

Fri: 10am- 7pm

Sat: Casual Hours

Sun: Casual Hours

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    1. Juan says:

      Shave and a haircut, two bits

    2. Eva says:

      Nice swipe of a quote from our interview with the Barber Shop Museum’s founder without attribution

    3. Bill Sharfman says:

      Print a phone if they have one, and whether appointments can be made for a cut, etc., and what charges/fees are.

    4. cablepool says:

      The Last Wound Up reappears.

    5. KF says:

      I would do it! I am a female barber of 21 years. Good job Rubinoff, way to draw buisness.

    6. geoff says:

      one of the best store openings ever — a decent singer, great music minus one, four dancing girls, everyone dolled up, a big old cadillac, live entertainment all afternoon long. a few doors down the lovely looking but sad-by-comparison opening of a new clothing store.

    7. Sondheim Fan says:

      Re: “It’s run by Arthur Rubinoff,….”

      PHEW! That’s quite a relief!

      Thought it might be run by Sweeney Todd.

    8. Derek says:

      What are “casual hours”?

    9. John Mooradian says:

      GreatIdea.I have been a Master Barber since.1972 and still working part time
      Thank you for educating the younger generations with your unique museum .

    10. Catherine Hammond says:

      I knew the owner of the previous store at this location, The Last Wound Up (the sign can still be seen under “NYC Barbershop Museum”).
      He would approve.