Bull Moose Dog Run Renovation Gets the OK to Move Forward

By Alex Israel

The renovation of the Bull Moose Dog Run next to the Museum of Natural History was approved by Community Board 7 on Wednesday night, as the board voted to move forward with the Parks Department’s proposal on November 8. 

During the meeting, Parks & Environment Committee Chair Klari Neuwelt revealed that the Parks Department “has been studying the noise issue” expressed by residents during the committee meeting, and has come to a potential solution that involves building “a barrier between the museum wall and the fence.”

Following this update and additional comments from local residents reiterating their concerns about the noise, an amendment was added to the resolution requiring the Parks Department to present this potential solve in more detail during the next committee meeting. 

Despite the amendment, any noise abatement solutions will remain independent of the approved reconstruction, and will not be included in the plan’s $440,000 budget.

The majority of local residents spoke in favor of moving forward with the renovation. Local resident Elaine Boxer took the floor to share that the proposal exceeded her expectations. “Everyone is very grateful and very anxious for the plan to go ahead.”

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    1. ST says:

      Oh great more ugliness in our parks. Just like turning Central Park into an fenced-in asphalt jungle if it is not a carpet of wood chips.

      • Zulu says:

        Somebody put on their cranky-pants this morning.

      • DogFather says:

        ST, Bull Moose is pretty gross by dog run standards in nyc – especially the little dog run portion which is an embarrassment, damp, and gross. Riverside & 72nd is a million times nicer – Bull Moose needs a renovation. I don’t know what the plans look like, but something needs to be done.

    2. Steve Anderson says:

      At Wednesday evening’s Community Board meeting, we were very pleased that a majority of the members voted to approve a resolution that most forcefully made clear that addressing the issue of noise was a key component in the approval of the plan to renovate the dog run in Theodore Roosevelt Park. This proposal was a strong statement in support of what many residents of West 81st Street who live opposite the dog run, have been asking for, and we appreciate that the full Community Board vote made it absolutely clear that the Parks Dept is now charged with working with our community to develop a noise remediation plan in conjunction with the renovation. Parks has indicated they have identified one potential remedy and perhaps others as well will be researched, and we look forward to meeting with Parks, along with other community groups, to collaborate, in determining how best to move forward. Thank you Community Board 7 for standing up for this issue that is so important to us.

      Steve Anderson, President, Theodore Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association Inc (TRPNA), Founded by the Co-ops of West 81st Street, CPW to Columbus Ave, Steve@TRPNA.org