Is This Your Cat, Roaming Around Near Fairway?

This cat has been roaming around the buildings near the Fairway on 74th and Broadway for the past few days, a neighbor tells us. If it’s yours email us at westsiderag at gmail and we’ll put you in touch with our tipster.

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    1. Bill says:

      Thx for caring about the animals and people of UWS.

    2. NYMutty says:

      This cat looks like one I’ve spotted on the UWS over the past 4-5 years – on (or near) w. 89th st & CPW, w. 83rd st & CPW, and w. 76th & Columbus ave. I’m pretty sure the cat I’ve encountered had one of its ears “tipped” (cut & cauterized), indicating it was a TNR (trapped, neutered, and released) feral cat.

      I can’t say for certain if it’s the same cat as pictured, but the one I met wanted nothing to do with me (despite many bribes/attempts to coax it to safety).

      If it is, I’m heartened to see it’s still faring well despite the harsh winters.

      But, again, I could be wrong – so please don’t suspend the search for an owner if he may have one.

    3. Michelle says:

      This is the cat that I’ve seen outside my apartment building twice on 76th between Columbus and CPW! Last sighting was last Monday. We put out some food for him/her and it was eaten up quickly. Hope you find his owner!

    4. Kevin says:

      I’ve seen this cat on 76th between Columbus and Central Park West too.

    5. David says:

      Maybe it’s the cat that ate the pizza rat…

    6. Shari says:

      can anyone catch it or trap it… maybe (I doubt it though) it’s chipped. or maybe it wouldn’t be too upset to find itself in someone’s home where it doesn’t have to search for food and a quiet and warm place to sleep. just b/c he/she is outside for quite some time.. doesn’t mean its’ feral or won’t like living in a home (goodness knows all my family’s cats (street cats).. had no interest in going back out once they got a taste of the no work lifestyle.

    7. weaJack says:

      I have seen that cat hanging out with the westside raccoon! They are media, uh, tramps…

    8. Georg Philipp Telemann says:

      This is a case for Dorian Rence!

    9. nyr21 says:

      I think this cat is “Badge,” a cat who is kept by the 20th Precinct (at 83rd street) but has escaped many times.

      • Hudson says:

        Pretty sure that’s the 20th precinct cat, Badges as another poster suggested. Hope he’s okay!

    10. How wonderful of you to try to help this poor cat find it’s owners. And to make sure it has water – and I assume food.

      It’s owners must be frantic.

      You are good people!!!