We’ve got some additional info on some upcoming UWS openings.

JG Melon, the burger joint coming to 480 Amsterdam Avenue (West 83rd Street), plans to open “Any Day Now” according to a sign on the door. “In just a week or so we’ll be open,” the sign added. We last wrote about it here. Thanks to Kevin for the photo.

Korean grocery store H-Mart now has a sign up at its upcoming store on 110th Street and Broadway, the former home of D’Agostino. There’s no word yet on when exactly it will open. Last we heard, it was planning to open in late summer or early fall.

Children’s bookstore Books of Wonder is hoping to open this week at 217 West 84th Street: “we’re busily putting books on shelves and entering the inventory in our computer system,” says owner Peter Glassman. Workers slung a banner over the entrance in anticipation last week, but it will be replaced by a more permanent sign. We wrote about the opening here, and Glassman explained how his shop was the inspiration for You’ve Got Mail here. Thanks to Jennifer for the photo.

Da Capo, an espresso and cocktail bar, appears to be just about ready to open at 322 Columbus Avenue, between 75th and 76th Streets. The restaurant will serve coffee and other drinks during the day, along with paninis and pastries. After 5, it will become a cocktail bar also serving tapas. Thanks to David for the photo.

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    1. Steven says:

      I truly wish them luck, because in this day & age, when Borders & so many bookstores are closing, it’s a difficult business to keep afloat via a store. I have a friend who’s an avid reader & all she does is bitch of how bookstores are all closing. Yet she buys & reads all her books on kindles. You throw that point into her face when she bitches of bookstore closings & says that my point makes no sense, Maybe it does to others. Best of luck Book Of Wonders. I hope you succeed!

    2. uwsbrown says:

      what about the health department shutting down Legends on 109th?

    3. P says:

      Jacob’s Pickles is supposed to open back up on Thursday!

    4. Joel Fram says:

      Check the New York Times corrections for June 14:

      “A report in the “Arts, Briefly” column on Saturday about the New York bookstore Books of Wonder misidentified the store that served as an inspiration for the bookstore in the romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail.” It was Eeyore’s, a children’s bookstore on the Upper West Side that closed in 1993 — not Books of Wonder.”

    5. Roger Bilco says:

      What about the Health Department closing Sookk between 102nd and 103rd on Broadway?

    6. Wendy says:

      I’ve been to the H-Mart supermarket on Long Island and it is a very interesting store- quite different from any other supermarket. I wish it were further south on the UWS – will have to make a pilgrimage up there to check it out.

      • Sara says:

        I live on 69th. Bakeries, wine bars, fancy skin products and stores with prices out of reach but no place to get something to eat. (Affordable, that is.)

    7. Kindly Dr. Dave says:

      Books of Wonder is not a bookstore. It is a hyperlink to the Wonder of childhood, for children of all ages. Think of it as a portal. Where can your imagination take you? Follow that path! and, DON’T POSTPONE JOY