Photo by Dr. Seth Gopin.

June 5, 2017 Weather: Cloudy, with a high of 75 degrees.

Adam Gopnik talks Bob Dylan and more local events on our calendar.

Starting today (June 5), the JCC on Amsterdam Avenue and 76th will be hosting an ID NYC site. Learn more here.

Can anyone help our reader with this question? “I have been looking for a local business that will recycle the blue propane canisters (for small grills, camping, etc.).  I would prefer to buy from a local business, but I also want them to take back the empties and recycle.  This is something that Gracious Home used to do.  I’ve tried Gartners and Beacon:  they both sell them, but neither will recycle.  Same with Loews.  I’m told Home Depot will recycle them, but shopping there doesn’t do much for me or the neighborhood.”

Ballet dancer Gray Davis jumped onto the tracks at 72nd street and Broadway and saved a homeless man, who said he had been pushed onto the tracks. “Once on the tracks, at the 72nd Street Broadway-Seventh Avenue station, Mr. Davis said, he picked up the man, who was unconscious, and lifted him to the platform, where others pulled him up. Then, hearing a train in the distance and unsure which track it was on, he faced the next problem: getting back up on the platform himself. ‘I never realized how high it was,’ he said. ‘Luckily, I’m a ballet dancer, so I swung my leg up.'” A woman named Carolyn Mack was arrested, but denies pushing the man.

A man jumped into the aviary at the Central Park Zoo and refused to leave for four hours until police went and got him. “The man entered the indoor, free-flight aviary in the zoo’s “Tropic Zone” at about 3:30 p.m., zoo spokesman Max Pulsinelli said.He climbed onto a rock structure about 20 feet off the ground and refused to leave, officials said.”

A Trinity School staffer was charged with stealing more than $400,000 from the school. “Kirsten Olsen, 45, pleaded not guilty to purchasing gold and silver jewelry, gold bullion and a coast-to-coast March 2015 trip with money looted from the exclusive Trinity School.”

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    1. ron shapley says:

      There are heroes everyday !!

    2. Cat says:

      I’m told Home Depot will recycle them, but shopping there doesn’t do much for me or the neighborhood.”

      If no one else in the neighborhood is doing it then what’s the problem with buying/dropping off at Home Depot?

      There have been a few times that Joseph Pharmacy couldn’t get a prescription that I needed and my doctor was able to find it at a pharmacy in Queens. That doesn’t mean I don’t support Joseph Pharmacy.

      I think some people go out of their way to make their lives more difficult than necessary.

    3. Jon L. says:

      Re: Gas canisters, have you tried McKinney on W52nd? It’s not exactly our neighborhood, but pretty close. Or maybe Zabar’s?

    4. Maryanne McCarthy says:

      As Mr. Rogers says, “Look to the helpers”.

    5. Re-canisters perhaps try BASICS on Broadway 83/84.
      They’re very nice- perhaps they would even provide this service ( if they don’t already do it ) if you discussed with them. Good luck & Thanks for RECYCLING!! 🙂

    6. pcnyc says:

      At least she went travelling.

    7. Ken J. says:

      Ballet dancer Gray Davis–that was an amazing “performance.”

    8. Mark Moore says:

      I saw that cloud formation the other day. Lots of lightning south and to the west of the UWS.

    9. Annie says:

      We use Manhattan Propane

      • Kenneth says:

        In NYC transporting filled propane tanks larger than 12 oz (hand torch size) over a bridge or through a tunnel is not legal. Since there is no way to enter Manhattan except via tunnel or bridge – propane/BBQ tanks are illegal in Manhattan. Separately, even if you dropped it in by helicopter or drown – it’s not legal to bring it through your building to get it into your backyard. I know you see barbecue tanks at street fairs and the like – but there is no way to get them onto the island legally.

    10. Sarah says:

      Good work, Mr. Davis!

    11. MJ says:

      I’ve done this for camp stoves — go to any outdoors store and pick up a recycling tool (honestly, I think a can opener could work just as well). Burn off all the fuel, and then puncture the canister. You can then usually recycle it wherever mixed metals are accepted.

    12. jenniferhilary says:

      I am the person in search of propane canister recycling. Thanks so much, WSR, for including it in the round-up, and for some great suggestions, which I will diligently hunt down. Unfortunately, Manhattan Propane only works with larger cylinders.

      PS: Thanks for the chuckle about making my life more difficult than necessary.

      • Cat says:

        Oh please, you know that HD recycles the canisters so why make a huge production out of it? I seriously want to know how HD is ruining the neighborhood.

    13. A. Becker says:

      Gray Davis is the nicest, most unassuming young man. We asked him about this rescue at the stage door of the Met tonight, and he barely took any credit. He thought it was the right thing to do.

    14. Cyrus says:

      In my mind, I imagine the dancer doing a plié then graciously bowing following the rescue.