Police are looking for suspects in two recent crimes, a shooting and a bank robbery, on the Upper West Side.

At 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, police say the man depicted in the surveillance image above and video below fired several shots from a handgun at another man in front of 875 Amsterdam Avenue (between 102nd and 103rd Streets), injuring him in the leg. The suspect then fled eastbound on West 104th Street. The victim was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in serious but stable condition.

Police described the suspect as a black man who was last seen wearing a black baseball cap, a black t-shirt with a mouth and tongue on its chest, black jeans and red sneakers.

Police are also asking for the public’s help in finding a suspect in another crime that occurred on Monday shortly after 10 a.m.

The man shown in the image at right and the video below walked into the Capital One bank at 2379 Broadway (between 86th and 87th Streets) and passed a note to a teller demanding money, police said. The teller complied and gave the suspect “an undetermined amount of money.” The suspect fled the location and entered the 86th Street subway station on the 1 line.

The suspect is described as a black man, “in his 40s, 5’6″ in height, with black sunglasses; last seen wearing a black hooded sweater, a black baseball cap with the Chicago Bulls logo and dark colored jeans.”

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577. All calls are strictly confidential.

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    1. ron shapley says:

      Just look for a black guy, wearing all black. Should be easy…..

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      what the hell is going on 96 – 105 streets? WHERE ARE THE COP PATROLS? The P.O. station is right there on 100th st!

      • Ben David says:

        They are too scared to do their job! Who will support them if they do a “stop, question, frisk”? Not de Blasio, not the City Council.
        No, they will be accused of profiling and brought to the CCRB. Welcome to de Blasio’s sad, new New York.

        • MQ says:

          We did not have this issue when stop and frisk was in play

          • Judith Davidsen says:

            Sources, please. Thanks

          • Mark says:

            Wow – I was not aware that there was no crime on the UWS before De Blasio was the mayor.
            We can’t help but be thankful that there are historians like yourself that teach us these interesting alternative facts.

            I must agree with you and others on the Right that facts, data, math, and science are overrated. We should really rely on feelings as well as individual stories from the WSR to inform us of the true nature of reality.

        • There I Said It says:

          A pervasive culture of stop-frisk-and-harass is far worse than an occasional bank robbery.

      • Mark says:

        When you asked the police in person, what did they tell you?
        Oh wait, let me guess, you didn’t ask them. You’re asking the readers of WSR.

    3. MQ says:

      UWS is going backwards rather than forwards. This is ridiculous. The mayor wont do anything about it because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!

    4. Bronx Boy says:

      “A black t-shirt with a mouth and tongue on its chest”

      That would be “a black t-shirt with a Rolling Stones mouth-and-tongue logo”

    5. Bruce Bernstein says:

      I’m just going to have to say this every single time it comes up, because certain people keep repeating falsehoods. i know i sound like a broken record, but people have to deal with facts.

      the police can continue to “stop and frisk” suspects if they have reasonable suspicion that they have committed or are about to commit a crime, are carrying a weapon, and so on.

      What was banned by Mayor De Blasio was RACIAL PROFILING-based “stop and frisk.” that means that the sole reason for the stop is someone’s race or ethnicity — not any sort of reasonable suspicion.

      this abhorrent racist practice, widely adapted under Bloomberg and, surprisingly, not Giuliani, was actually stopped under Bloomberg, due to a judge thankfully finding it unconstitutional. De Blasio decided not to appeal the decision, and thus ended it once and for all.

      Racial profiling in criminal justice issues is reminiscent of the worst policing practices in the Jim Crow South and, indeed, in apartheid South Africa. It has no place in modern society. it does not represent the values of anti-discrimination and anti-racism that have been historically cherished by most New Yorkers, and most Americans.

      it is truly sad that some commenters here continue to call for the reinstatement of this backward, avowedly racist practice. In fact, it is hard to imagine a more overtly racist practice in criminal justice than “racial profiling.”

      the idea stated above that the police are “too scared to do their jobs” because they can’t engage in racial profiling is absolutely false, and is in fact an attack on the rank and file of the NYPD.

      • bendavidNY says:

        I’m just going to have to say this every single time it comes up, because certain people keep repeating falsehoods. I know I sound like a broken record, but people have to deal with facts.
        The fact is that I am not a right winger. I did not vote for Trump. I am involved in the black community in numerous ways, with volunteer service and personal friendships.
        I talk to cops daily. Yes, daily. It is part of my job. Real cops that are on the streets. The FACT is that the average NYPD officer, especially the newer ones, will not do a stop, question, frisk. They are scared about being summoned to the CCRB to prove — THEY must prove — that the stop was not based on race. So anyone at all can scream racial profiling, and the cop is assumed guilty. B. Bernstein — you are insulting the black community that wants to live peacefully in NYC and wants the NYPD to catch murderers and muggers–they don’t want racist cops, but many sure do want the cops to stop suspicious looking people who match crime descriptions.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          If they MATCH CRIME descriptions, then they can be stopped and questioned. period. end of story.

          to imply that the African-American community in this city wants racial profiling returned is a gross and demeaning lie.

          • Ben David says:

            Dear Bruce Bernstein,
            Sure,when the facts fail you, scream “racist.” That always works.
            Unfortunately, you are out of touch (as are most liberal folks) with what the minority communities want. As I wrote, they do NOT want racist cops. But they do want to live in peace and security. And ask any African American grandmother living in a NYCHA building if they would mind if the police stopped their grandson or granddaughter because they noticed a gun-like bulge under their shirt. The answer is no, they would plead for the cops to protect them. You repeating the hate you hear from Sharopton and the BLM movement ignores the real folks who welcome a stronger police presence in their often crime, gang, embattled communities. Your failure to recognize this is a common, but still sad, form of racism.
            I very respectfully suggest that you leave your cozy apartment and talk to the people you are allegedly defending.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              Bravo Ben David!

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              once again, you seem not to understand the current policy.

              if an officer observes what he believes to be a gun, he can stop and frisk the person. a gun-like bulge under the shirt constitutes reasonably suspicion.

              what is ended is racial profiling, where people were stopped and frisked for Walking While Black. this was a racist practice.

              Deblasio was elected in part due to a huge vote from the African-American community, because he promised to end this practice. which he did.

        • GG says:

          Not to over simplify it but you are talking about practice and Bruce is talking about theory.

          Police officers have to do their jobs on the street not in some doctoral thesis or elaborate data analysis.

          One more thing, we are SPOILED by how good the NYPD is…take a trip down south to about a thousand places and your head would explode Bruce if you think Stop, Question & Frisk was so horrendous. And believe me I take no joy in pointing that out, it is a really sad state of affairs in this country for many minority communities. And getting worse unfortunately with Sessions at the helm.:(

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            i am talking about facts and actual NYPD policy, not “theory”.

            as for whether the NYPD practices in the racial profiling era (Bloomberg era) were better or worse than practices in other cities and towns, that is a straw man argument. i am referring to a particular overtly racist practice, racial profiling, that has been protested by almost all advocates of racial justice and civil liberties. Yes, including the Black Lives Matter movement, which has done a lot of good in bringing these issues to the fore and is unfairly maligned in some of the comments above.

            i am sure you can find practices in pther cities that one might consider “worse”, but this practice was bad enough; it brought shame to NYC and we’re lucky it’s gone.

            i notice that some of the advocates of racial profiling above claim they are speaking for the African-American community, or at least for its interests. It is worth pointing out that it is not only Black Lives Matter and Al Sharpton who protested racial profiling in police work. Every Black elected official i know of was against it, including Leticia James, who was a strong voice on this issue.

            In addition, every African-American male under the age of 50 or so whom i have spoken to about this — and there have been many — had been “stopped and frisked” multiple times.

    6. Bruce Bernstein says:

      i want to add that when DeB ended the racial profiling, many loud right wing voices declared that crime would skyrocket. in fact, that has not happened. i believe last year was the lowest year on record for major crimes in NYC.

    7. Scott says:

      My guess is the shooter’s hiding out in North Carolina with extended family. Seems to be the new place for gang bangers to lay low for a while after trying to cap someone with the wrong colored jacket.

    8. Chris says:

      This is why I will never live north of 96th Street. For 25 years it has been like this. While the 70s/80s and the area around Columbia changed for the better, 96th – 106th is always going to be a mess, unfortunately.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Chris, would you like to state why exactly 96th – 106th always was and always will be a mess? Many WSR posters state this area is lovely.