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A surveillance image showing the shooter, via NYPD.

A 17-year-old named Joshua Wilson is in custody in North Carolina and is expected to be charged with shooting a gun outside a barber shop on Columbus Avenue between 105th and 106th Street last Tuesday, an NYPD spokesman said on Thursday. Police said at the time that he was trying to shoot a 12-year-old after a dispute. No one was injured in the shooting.

Wilson still needs to be extradited, and the NYPD spokesman did not have details on how he was found.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      Can a 17 year old be tried as an adult? I hope so.

    2. Scott says:

      If that guy’s 17, I’m Lil Wayne.

    3. shemp says:

      not in nyc with our LIBERAL city politicians

    4. Bonnie Rice says:

      Another kind of mental illness!

    5. robert says:

      The saddest part of this is the ongoing drug gang violence in NYHCA. The gunman asked where the kid lived before he opened fire. There has been a long running string of violence between Money Comes First & Columbus Avenue Gunners, as well as other “crews”.
      It should be also noted that the kid and his family have not been cooperating with police and the DA.

      • Sarah says:

        They’re probably afraid of retaliation if it’s gang-involved and they live in Douglass. People believe (probably correctly) that the cops won’t keep you safe if you’re a target in the PJs.

        What a waste of the life of a young person who should be just starting out. You can pretty much predict his future from here on out, and it’s got nothing good for anyone in it.

    6. Jul says:

      Does anyone know what happened tonight at 83rd and Broadway? The block was shut down and several ambulances and cops present in front of Harry’s Shoes

    7. Ronnieracecard says:

      re 83 bway police vehicle involved in crash

    8. Scott says:

      Just curious how a 17-yo who’s supposed to be in school has a handgun and is able to abscond to NC on a moment’s notice. Sounds like the family is fully involved in this, in which case the NYCHA would have cause to evict them. I suppose it’s best not to ask too many questions however, lest certain SJWs call you a bigot.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Scott I have reported you to the SJW police. You will only be allowed to leave your dwelling if you wear a pink meow meow hat. You brought this on yourself.

      • Independent / UWS Dissident says:

        Scott alludes to what are clearly examples of what a certain dissident blogger has called the “War on Noticing”.

        Concerning the hats mentioned tangentially by UWS Hebrew:

        Perhaps one day the odiousness that these knitted creations (themselves rather cute) are now inextricably associated with will have sufficiently faded from the public memory so as to allow them to re-emerge as an innocently charming children’s and young women’s fashion. (Perhaps even as a symbol of traditionalism and patriotic nationalism. Wouldn’t that be delightful.)

        Meanwhile, I think of Dr. Seuss’s wonderful Cat in The Hat and realize that yet another perfectly wholesome part of the culture has been sullied by association with the unsavory and the unseemly.