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Photo by Owen P. at Lincoln Center.

February 20, 2017 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 52 degrees.

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Joan Reveyoso, who is blind, won $30,000 in a lawsuit against the New York Sports Club at 61 West 62nd St. Reveyoso had asked gym staffers to guide her up and down the stairs to and from the elliptical machines. While the setup worked for a few months after she joined in October 2011, the club became less accommodating in April 2012, according to the Daily News.

Melissa McCarthy has been filming a new movie on the UWS, and they had to shut down part of West 81st Street to accommodate filming. “‘They were telling people they couldn’t take photos and had to cross the street to get their own houses,’ moans one local, who says that filmmakers rented the houses for $500 a day each to film a scene that had McCarthy dashing up and down the block.”

Stephanie Gonzalez, one of the teenagers who was recently reported missing, has been found in good health. We are still awaiting word on the other two teens who were reported missing.

Reflections of a new Juilliard student on living in NYC. “In particular I have found myself growing increasingly fond of the numerous coffee shops which dot Columbus Avenue, each with their own unique aesthetic and flavor.”

Gov. Cuomo wants to cut the MTA budget, even as fares rise.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      “They were telling people they couldn’t take photos”. Hope nobody listed to them, we’re a nation of laws and freedoms, not subject to the orders of grips on a movie set.

      • UWSHebrew says:


        • erikfree says:

          If anyone tells me I can’t take a picture, I pull out my camera and take one. They have absolutely no right to try to limit your rights.

      • Cinejon says:

        Grips do t tell bystanders what they can’t do. Grips are good people. Young PAs just out of film school think they can. I promise you will. Or be arrested for taking a picture of a film shoot.

        • Cinejon says:

          Grips DON’T tell…
          I promise you won’t be arrested for taking a photo of a film shoot. Don’t use a flash! Ever!!

    2. Cato says:

      I hope that WSR will provide more of the Stephanie Gonzalez story when it becomes available. As I recall there were reports that she had gone “missing” before and turned up fine shortly afterward. The community should know if she is somehow frequently victimized for some reason so that she can be better protected — or if, on the other hand, the community’s resources are being unfairly diverted in a game of a teenager’s (or her family’s?) repeatedly crying “Wolf!”.

      As for the new Juilliard student who likes Columbus Avenue coffee shops, “each with their own unique aesthetic and flavor”, perhaps the student should enquire whether Juilliard offers remedial courses in English. Since “each” is singular, his or her liking should have been that “each [has] *its* own unique aesthetic and flavor”, not “their”.

      Pedantry over. Not a word about Trump.

    3. Js says:

      Very demoralizing and frustrating that subway and bus fares go up and service diminishes – but at the same time the bicycle infrastructure expands.

      Yes MTA is a state agency and DOT a city agency but still this situation reflects transportation policy focus.

      • Margaret says:

        Same here. I’m curious for a status update from Andrew Albert at CB7. He’s been chair of the MTA’s New York City Transit Riders Council for nearly 30 years now. I’d like to hear his take on why the state is cutting subway funding and raising prices at the same time, and how he’s representing hundreds of thousands of UWS subway commuters.

        And, the 79th street station on the 1 train has unacceptably, dangerously overcrowded exit stairs NOW, while 3 new high rise buildings are going up on the block. Where is his request for renovating this station? We need it like a year ago. It will only get worse!

        Since he’s been chair since 1988 of the riders council, it would be great to know how he’s advocating for fair spending and delivery for subway commuters… on par with the high-speed cashless tolling for drivers where the MTA suddenly spent hundreds of millions of dollars recently.

    4. jason says:

      They can’t prohibit people from taking photos.

    5. Independent says:

      Does the Governor’s proposed cut to the MTA budget include any cuts to the salaries of the heads of that agency? When was the last time any of those salaries were cut?

      From the New York Post, July 2015:
      25 percent of MTA workers earned six-figure salaries last year

    6. Independent says:

      Good to see people realize that the film crew had no right to order people not to take photos and ready to assert their right to do so.

      Street Photography and the Law: 7 things you need to know

      For the most part, that means that as long as your shooting position is on public ground, you can photograph whatever you wish; this includes subjects situated on private property but within public view, […] Similarly, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to obtain parental or guardian consent to photograph children on or visible from public property.

      The general rule in the United States is that anyone may take photographs of whatever they want when they are in a public place or places where they have permission to take photographs.

    7. Howard Freeman says:

      Are Cuomo’s cuts anticipating the Trump cuts in federal subsidies for municipal public transportation announced a couple weeks ago?