An SUV turning North onto Amsterdam Avenue at 74th Street struck a pedestrian on Monday night around 8:30 p.m., according to a witness. An FDNY spokesman said there were “multiple traumas” after a vehicle hit a pedestrian — trauma to multiple areas, but did not have further details on the crash. The call came in to FDNY at 8:46 p.m. The pedestrian was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital.

“The SUV was turning north onto Amsterdam and hit the pedestrian with the front left of car and ran over his legs with front and rear tires,” the witness wrote in an email. “There were compound fractures of the peds legs with bone sticking out.”

The witness, who asked not to be named, wrote that the pedestrian was walking with the light and the SUV was driving “slowly.” The SUV remained on the scene and the driver called 911, he said.

A police spokesman did not have information on the crash (police generally do not have information on crashes that are not deemed life threatening.)

Google Streetview image of the intersection (taken prior to installation of a protected bike lane).

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    1. Siddhartha says:

      Was the SUV turning left on to Amsterdam?

    2. Christine E says:

      Cross street please

    3. Chris says:

      Where did this happen? What cross street?

    4. Alta says:

      Let me fix that headline for you:


    5. james says:

      Dangerous intersection and cars seem to turn very aggressively on to Amsterdam

    6. DenMark says:

      Fortunate it was not a kid given it was Halloween. The neighborhood was packed with pedestrians last night. Regardless of whether the driver was driving “slowly” if the pedestrian had the light, this looks to be reckless driving. Hopefully this will be investigated and the driver is charged with the approriate crimes.

      • bob says:

        Not necessarily. The pedestrian could have been difficult to see and hit for any number of reasons that do not amount to recklessness on the driver’s part. Until you know all the facts, dont jump to a conclusion.

        • EagleEye says:

          Are you serious? How can this be anything other than reckless. I would say attempted murder. The article states that the pedestrian had the light. If a driver can not see a person in a well lit intersection, the driver should not be driving. I hope the driver is prosecuted.

      • Bz says:

        It was unfortunate no matter the age of the victim

    7. JULIA VAN HAAFTEN says:

      There was an accident yesterday 10/31 around 4 PM at 110/BWY: I saw an adult on stretcher (head/neck brace, etc) loaded onto FDNY ambulance and an elementary school kid being escorted into same–presumably in the company of the adult in question. Was this also a pedestrian/car accident? That corner is super-complicated with 2-way streets crossing each other.

    8. Phoebe says:

      That the driver was going slowly is not the issue. The driver was not looking, or cannot see. Get that driver off the streets!

    9. Sean says:

      This would never have happened if the driver was driving a normal car. An SUV is a truck and belongs on a highway.

    10. Sherman says:

      the pic is pre-bike lane….what a sight

      • Sean says:

        Those were the days.

      • Margaret says:

        I know! it looks atrocious without the bike lane.

        More focus is needed when a pedestrian crossing with the light is left with broken bones in the crosswalk. You were just about to say that, right? Anyway, thank you for pointing out how we installed a bike lane on a six-lane street after four LONG years of community requests and a city facing serious and extremely expensive climate change threats.

    11. Margaret says:

      Through September, car crashes with injuries are up 27% from this time last year in the precinct.

      Most of the increase happened from January to April so it’s not because of the bike lane that was finally installed in May. It seems like people are experiencing more brutal injuries because on an institutional level, we need better, faster engineering and enforcement decisions to make the streets safe.

    12. RK says:

      Slow driver that hit a pedestrian anyhow?
      New Jersey plates perchance?