By Mark Bollettieri

Jake’s Dilemma, the bar and restaurant at 430 Amsterdam Avenue (80th-81st Streets), is adding a private party room and cellar to its location.

The bar’s application for a liquor license was approved by the Community Board’s Business & Consumer Issues Committee on Wednesday night. The license will allow Jake’s Dilemma to add a bar to its private party room, housed in a 500-square-foot rear yard addition.

The addition also includes a 350 square foot cellar, which will be used for restrooms and storage space. The addition has already been approved by the Department of Buildings and the Landmarks Preservation Committee.

Mexican restaurant Patron North’s application for a liquor license was withdrawn without prejudice because the owner, Louis Colantino, had not yet signed a lease for the space at 768 Amsterdam Avenue (97th-98th).

Colantino applied for the license to see whether the committee would be receptive to a restaurant and bar in that location. The Committee told Colantino that they weren’t opposed to the idea, but that they could not accept his application until the lease was signed.

The Committee also added that the restaurant’s plans to have tables in the backyard might cause controversy with the residents of 768 Amsterdam Avenue.

If Colantino signs the lease, the Committee will reconsider his application at their next meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, November 16.

We also covered news from the meeting about a new Korean restaurant and the Empire Hotel rooftop bar.

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    1. Andrew Coyne says:

      UWS needs more venues with party and outdoor space. While I would never want the neighbors to be put out, I’d hope the new space would not create a problem.

      • Beverly says:

        More party space???? This neighborhood feels like one big block party as it is! Enough already.

        • UWS_lifer says:

          I wanna come hang on out your block, Beverly.

          Good ole 87th Street has no excitement at all. I miss the olden days…let your freak flags fly again Upper West Siders!!

          (RIP Big Nicks, Shakespeare and H&H)

      • Why?

        As long as the outdoor space does not buttress against a residential space, certainly.

        Apartments adjacent to bars are rarely occupied by the owners or patrons and therefore what is considered reasonable by one group can ruin the home-life of the other.

    2. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “The addition also includes a 350 square foot cellar, which will be used for restrooms and storage space.”

      Restrooms in the cellar!

      Unless they install an elevator, it means:
      1. “Restrooms Inaccessible To Anyone With Mobility Issues”;

      2.”We don’t want no depressing handicapped people in here; go somewhere else”;

      3. “We’re Not A-D_A COMPLIANT” and we don’t really care!!”;

      4. and CB7’s “Business & Consumer Issues Committee” ALSO does NOT CARE A BIT about anyone with mobility issues…but we already knew that based on CB7’s BLATANT DISREGARD TOWARDS CRUMBLING or MISSING KERB-CUTS, which they were told about SEVERAL YEARS AGO.

      • RK says:

        You realize that Jake’s Dilemma is a post-college frat-boy hangout, right? Suggest you keep your powder dry on this one.

        • ScooterStan says:

          Re: “Suggest you keep your powder dry on this one.”

          OBVIOUSLY you are not a physically-challenged person and so you care little about the daily challenges such persons face.

          Such as: restaurants completely inaccessible as the entrance requires a large step-up and the management cares so little that there is no “ramp” for wheelchair users…and even when there IS a ramp so many restaurants have restrooms SO SMALL that no wheelchair can fit inside, because restrooms bring zero revenue while tables do.

          And lots more, including micro-aggressions by self-absorbed Fairway shoppers, and/or pedestrians, who act like sharing an aisle or a sidewalk with a wheelchair-user is The End Of The World As We Know It.

          Shout-out to those “T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I” types: you ought to quit those pursed-lips/frownie-face looks whenever you see a wheelchair…cause, as your mothers probably warned you, ‘If ya don’t stop, your face is gonna freeze like that’.

          Oh, sorry. Too late!

        • Sean says:

          Frat boys are what makes America great.

    3. Shelly says:

      What’s the story regarding the Empire Hotel rooftop bar??

    4. wombatNYC says:

      Tough Town this NYC for be a small bar/restaurant owner. Imagine having to sign a multiyear lease before you even know if you’ll be allowed to serve alcohol . You need some serious Ballz

    5. UWS_lifer says:

      Ya know, every time i’m enjoying a nice beverage at Jake’s I always say to myself….”self, this place needs to be much bigger, I mean, think of all the drunken frat boys they could cram in here and then gouge on warm, watered down, generic light beer. What a lost opportunity”

      Good to see that some one is listening.

    6. Chuck D says:

      The space for Patron North was a bar/restaurant with outdoor seating for years! Why would the LPC change it now? The real problem is that Mexican restaurants can’t make it in that space, sadly.

    7. Eric says:

      The bathrooms at Jakes are already downstairs as they also are at their sister bar The Gin Mill one block up. Same deal at the other bar owned by the same guy Stumble Inn. This is news?