sinkhole suv
Photo by Lisa Akey.

Water gushing from a main break on Amsterdam Avenue and 89th Street Monday night flooded two brownstones, according to the Daily News.

Ballet Hispanico, a dance studio at 167 West 89th Street that works with local public schools, also sustained severe damage: “Our two studio floors are destroyed. All the costumes in the basement are flooded,” said Eduardo Vilaro, the studio’s CEO. “When Sandy hit, our other costume warehouse in New Jersey was destroyed, so this is round two.”

A sinkhole on the corner of 90th and Amsterdam continued to widen, pulling in a white SUV parked there.

sinkhole suv2

The M7 and M11 were also rerouted.

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    1. Wijmlet says:

      Was the lovely West Side Community Garden affected?

    2. Nathan says:

      We need to get those bikers under control!

      • Woody says:

        ZOMG! They’re going the wrong way in a bike lane. This isn’t Berlin. We need more parking spots. I’m outraged!

    3. wendy says:

      friends have cars parked on W. 89th Street…. oy.
      is parking suspended up in that area now?

    4. Marsha says:

      Nope. Walked through there this morning and all good.

    5. Pedestrian says:

      I’m am so sorry for all the residents and businesses that were impacted by this flood.

      Unfortunately, this kind of thing will be happening more and more as our government continues to ignore our aging infrastructure. Of course we don’t yet know what caused the water main break but we do know that our water systems and our roads and bridges are crumbling Before our eyes and that our side walks are a patchwork of badly made repairs. The City looks like no one cares and you know what I don’t think anyone in power does. While they haggle with developers over how much they are going to give them, our city continues to crumble.

    6. John says:

      One slightly used BMW SUV for sale, recently washed make an offer

      • ScooterStan says:

        Very clever!

        “Soitenly” (thank you, Moe-Curly-and-Larry!) more grown up than this commenter’s earlier thought, namely “Izzat a $50,000 Beemer in da hole?! Oh, Goody!”


    7. Dee says:

      Talk about parallel parking!