Get your fill of sushi and barbeque, but wave goodbye to cream puffs, at least for a few months.

Uncle Luo Yang, a pan-Asian restaurant that grew out of a food truck popular with Columbia students has reopened at 928 Amsterdam Avenue (105th street). Shortly after opening in October, the Health Department shut it down, and it’s been spending the past 8 months “upgrading kitchen equipment,” an employee said. Its most recent health inspections have been more promising, although an inspector noted the presence of flies at last week’s inspection. The extensive menu features sushi, various other Japanese dishes like tempura, barbeque dishes, and Chinese specialties. Thanks to Tsadik Kaplan for the tip.

beard papas

Beard Papa’s, the cream puff store at 2176 Broadway (76-77), will be closing from July 1 until late September. Thanks to Guy for the photo.

The former home of Gotham Burger on 95th and Amsterdam is turning into a wine and liquor store, Rob tells us.

Joie, the clothing store on Columbus and 69th Street, is slated to openĀ Saturday, July 2.


Variazioni on Broadway between 87th and 88th streets is having a closing sale. Thanks to Kevin for the photo.

Turnstyle, the underground mall in the Columbus Circle subway station has three new stores: Lebanese eatery Semsom (, Upper West Side neighborhood staple Gastronomie 491 (, and chocolate store and coffee parlor 2beans (

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    1. Erica says:

      Variazioni is closing about four times a year.

    2. ka says:

      I might be late to the party but Starbucks has left the building on the corner of 67th.

      • cjc says:

        Yes, but the one on 66th and Amsterdam (former Furry Paws) will open on July 5th, according to the sign at the old Starbucks on Columbus.

    3. ka says:

      I might be late to the party but Starbucks has left the building on 67th street!

    4. MC says:

      Variazioni uses that line often every now and then, but the store still somehow continues to stay open…

    5. ca says:

      I guess Amsterdam Avenue has now caught up. But how many more liquor stores does this neighborhood need? We have (location approximate):
      -Columbus Ave Wine & 95-96
      -Westlane Wines, Columbus 93-94
      -Gothamm Broadway 93-94
      -Wine at Whole Foods Columbus 97-100

      For more,see:

    6. Whatsupduck says:

      Variazioni keeps crying wolf, a la Danskin.

    7. dannyboy says:

      I recommend the chocolate ice cream at Gastronomie 491.

    8. RF says:

      That Variazioni has been having a “closing sale” on and off for years, and occasionally posts a “for rent” sign in the window. The closing has even been reported on this site on multiple occasions, yet the store never actually closes…

    9. Siddhartha says:

      Why would Beard Papa’s close in the summer? They have amazing summer treats.

    10. Wendy says:

      I can’t think of anything more unappetizing than hanging out in an underground food store at 59th Street. I assume they are takeout places only? And if I had a $5 for every time Variazioni was “closing” and posted a sign…..

      • dannyboy says:

        This is a very old NYC Tradition. “Going OUT of Business” and “Going Out for Business” signs are a NYC staple.

      • Sean says:

        I believe that the target customer is those that work in the area, and of course the tourists. You have a very pleasant 4 star neighborhood restaurant to go to in the base of that nearby building with the name Trump on it.

        • Steve B says:

          Wendy — go there and check it out. They did a nice job. Some of the food places have seating areas, some don’t.

          • RF says:

            Agreed! I walked through there for the first time last week, and was pleasantly surprised. It’s so much nicer than your ordinary dingy subway station, and some of the food places smelled amazing. It’s not really destination dining, but I’d definitely stop to have lunch if I’m passing through there.

    11. Cato says:

      Interesting thing about Variazioni and its habitual closings and re-openings: Has anyone ever bought anything at any of the Variazioni locations over the years?

      Does anyone know anyone who *has* ever bought anything in any of their incarnations?

      For that matter, have you ever seen anyone going into, or coming out of, a Variazioni?

      Just asking…

      • dannyboy says:

        Yesterday I personally witnessed someone coming out of Variazioni…with a Variazoni shopping bag in hand.

    12. Clarissa says:

      I pass Variazioni every day since it opened. I don’t know of a time when it was NOT having a Store Closing Sale.
      Same trashy clothing-or so it seems to me. Same Closing Sale always.

      • dannyboy says:

        One woman’s trashy-look is another person’s treasure.

      • 40yearsuws says:

        In the day, that kind of store would be referred to as “a front.”

        • dannyboy says:

          A “front” for not-trashy garments?

        • m.pipik says:


          Your comment made me laugh. I’m not sure about Varizioni being a front as they have too many stores, but over my nearly 40yrs here I have noticed several clothing stores around 72nd Street that have had clothing that no self-respecting UWSer would wear and have no customers yet have stayed in business for years. I’m certain that they were up to no good. Anyone else have the same observation?

          I might add that I am not just discussing now but back in to the 1980s when rents were much lower.

          • dannyboy says:

            Plenty of Smoke Shops were numbers shops.

            Don’t have much experience with fashion. I just figure that women shoppers like shopping in different stores, so naturally some are more popular than others. That’s about all I got on women’s fashion trends.

    13. Sean says:

      When will they open up another Marvin Gardens or Bagel Nosh here?

    14. Erica says:

      I’ve bought a few things at Variazoni and it’s not trash. Some of the stuff looks a little “off” though great (quality) deals during the sales. I’ve read that there are laws that prohibit going out of business signs unless you’re actually going out of business.

    15. TFJWM says:

      Papa John’s is opening on the corner of 104th and Amsterdam where the cleaners used to be. I walked by and they had Papa John stuff inside

    16. Todd Sinclair says:

      The Variazioni on Bway & 98th is doing the same thing…

      • dannyboy says:

        That’s where I saw the woman leaving with a Variazioni shopping bag in hand. She looked neither ‘trashy’, nor taken. I thought that she looked like she probably snagged a good deal.

        Some people love going to sales.

    17. jeff Berger says:

      I just passed by Mitchell’s Liquor (85th & Amsterdam). They just put up a new neon sign above the store and a new vertical neon sign It looks like they just refreshed the look but kept the old signs. I am glad a long time business is still with us.