Tuesday marks the first night of Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater, and this year’s production of Taming of the Shrew has a special twist: women make up the entire cast.

Lovely Bianca is the prize to be won by all the men looking to land themselves a wealthy wife. But the competitors will first have to marry off Bianca’s clever, fiery older sister, Katherina, played by Olivier Nominee Cush Jumbo (Josephine and I, The River), who may just outsmart them all. Tony and Olivier winner Janet McTeer (A Doll’s House, Mary Stuart) plays Petruchio, the wild outsider Katherina must outwit, in Shakespeare’s original screwball comedy showing the lengths men will go to for their legacy, what women will do to break free and the outrageous things we all do for the human heart.

To get tickets, wait on line at the Delacorte before noon, wait at the Public Theater downtown or try out the online lottery.

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    1. Gretchen says:

      Well the joke is on the Bard, who used boy actors to portray female roles. The first female didn’t appear on stage till 1660, 44 years after Shakespeare’s death.

    2. Lois says:

      I have long wondered about this gendering swapping. Why is Peter Pan always played by a woman?

      • DB says:

        A full-bearded adult male would not work for Peter Pan. Same for “trouser role” characters in opera: too delicate and young.

    3. Barbara says:

      Sounds like great fun. McTeer will make a great Petruchio!

    4. Johnny Backinmyday says:

      An all woman cast? It took long enough but it looks like that liberal Laguardia finally got his wish to completely ruin the city.

      First it’s an all woman cast, next thing you know they’ll be allowing them in whatever bathroom they want. Back in my day, men were men, women were woman, and shrews were shrews, not meant to be tamed.

    5. Margaret says:

      I feel like maybe I’m a step closer to becoming a real New Yorker by asking this question. Is there a secret trick to seeing this without having to spend the day in line?

    6. Juniper says:


    7. WestSide_Mimi says:

      Got in line at 10:30 this morning and was able to get 2 tickets when they distributed them at noon. And there plenty left. So give it a try for tonight.