Rendering by Pinner Architects, via NY Yimby.

A new seven-story building is set to rise at 952 Columbus Avenue on the corner of 107th street, which is owned by the Pentecostal Church of God, according to a rendering obtained by NY Yimby. Developer Ruben Pinner is partnering with the church, instead of buying or leasing the site. The church will occupy the first floor, which will have room for 436 people, and there will be 15 apartments on the floors above, including a penthouse with a private roof deck.

Construction workers are already preparing to demolish the existing one-story structure on the site.

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    1. BR says:

      Looks a bit out of place, given the architectural character of the neighborhood. Who approves this dreck?

      • Kim says:

        Agreed, sticks out like a sore thumb. I wish more of an effort was made to stay true to the architecture of the neighborhood.

    2. Paul RL says:

      It’s a little suburban office park-ish, but at least it’s a low-slung affair. Let the sun shine!

    3. Eric says:

      It’s architecturally undistinguished neighbors are a garage with steel gates, an inoffensive but utilitarian school building across the street, and a grandly titled community garden (aka a lot with chain link fence) across the avenue.

      While this ain’t the San Remo to be sure, it’s not committing any worse sins than the structures around it.

      • Margaret Frey says:

        Hey! Did you just call our community Garden (Yes a bit grandly named “Mobilization for Change Community Garden”) “a lot with a chainlink fence”

    4. Mark says:

      This is horrible, what are they thinking?!

    5. Cato says:

      Put a CitiBike rack in front of it and everyone will love it.

    6. Christina says:

      God and Real Estate. Wow! Reminds me of a real estate mogul running for president. 😀

    7. KJ says:

      It’s a bit too fancy and out of place for this part of Manhattan Valley.

    8. Joe Rappaport says:

      This is out of character, even though there are undistinguished buildings nearby. As the rendering shows, this will abut some older tenements that have character. The architect’s done nothing to integrate the building into the neighborhood, and even the contrast doesn’t work. Dreck is the right word.

      • Elizabeth says:

        The property is a vacant lot, and has been vacant for over 40 years. The church has owned it all that time and had an unrealistic dream of building a new church. The church was previously located on the ground floor retail and basement of the tenement at the NE corner of 106th and Columbus, one block away. That building had been emptied of tenants many years ago. I believe the church made some sort of swap, and will now have a new home to boot. The only “structure” on the vacant lot is a portion of the outer brick wall of the supermarket which once was there. I can remember when other than the school most of these Columbus Ave. buildings on this stretch were empty shells. As a long time resident, I am very happy to to both the 106th and 107th Columbus Ave. properties put to use.

        • Gretchen says:

          Exactly right, Elizabeth! All the new buildings on the UWS, save the posh 15 CPW are all glassy structures. Look at the Avalon Bay bldg. just a little north on the cathedral grounds. Does anyone really think they will build a brownstone-style building anywhere anymore? Get a clue. This building, bland as it is, will vastly improve the curb appeal (or lack thereof) on that horrible, long derelict corner.

    9. Auntie:-)Depression says:

      Sad lack of creativity here. But give credit where it’s due: Some architectural firm’s summer intern must have put at least 30 minutes of thought into making this as bland, anonymous and institutional-looking as possible. It reflects poorly on the church’s neighborliness.

    10. NYC Native says:

      Personally, I am not all that turned off by the design…
      I am rather pleased that the open-air junkie latrine is being removed.

      If you really want to complain about a building, there’s that new mini-abomination on 107th street between Broadway and Amsterdam. After years of it being just a hole in the ground (after the tax-dodging “church” got torn down) and pointless delays, it is now just about done. Watching it go up– I don’t even think the floors will support the weight a roll of wet paper towels.
      The finest construction around — from undocumented day-laborers

      • Joe Rappaport says:

        The finest construction around, from real estate developers who hire undocumented workers, unimaginative architects and are coddled by city administration after city administration.

    11. manhattanvalleyresident says:

      For anyone who lives in this area, this is fantastic. This lot has sat vacant forever. There is no one-story structure to demolish. It is a cinderblock wall that hides overgrown weeds and trash. I will take a rather boring new development over a trash and rat haven any day.

    12. This building is not one of his but watch this video about Costas Kondylis, an architect that many developers have used in NYC.

    13. Sean says:


    14. local rez says:

      Out of place? Out of character? Are you joking? What character are you suggesting then…more century old tenement housing? The original site was a dilapidated brick wall housing a rotten pile of dirt and garbage. This brings tremendous value to a relatively depressed area of the UWS where very little development has occurred. This is a win for local residents and businesses…so happy this corner lot is finally being used to its full potential!