Lincoln Center’s plazas will be hopping for the next two and a half weeks for the annual Out of Doors festival.

Lincoln Center Out Of Doors is a series of free concerts and shows through August 9 that mostly takes place in the main plazas on the performing arts center’s campus. From dance performances to music shows, to family events, the calendar often has several events per day. Randy Newman, Judy Collins and dozens of other artists from around the world will be performing shows.

Check out the calendar here, and click here for a map of the campus.


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    1. GiGi says:

      What a great way to relax, get some fresh happy air and enjoy your Summer day. I recommend Lil Buck on Sunday July 25. Great violinist there. 🙂

    2. Eric says:

      thanks for the info. Glad to have free concerts

    3. Syl says:

      This site is the BEST!!!!!

    4. Linda Adelewitz says:

      Is Damroch Park a Public Park ? I was told by a person at the Info booth that the space was being Rented out for the events

    5. Wendy says:

      n.b. for many of these events, you should arrive early. The lines to get into the park (or the larger showsthey cordon off most entrances for crowd control) can be long.

    6. ScooterStan says:

      Wow, here comes this year’s L.C. Out of Doors (ummm…strange name, for if you ARE “Out of Doors” (i.e. having no more doors) how would you keep out winter’s chill and/or summer’s heat…and, even worse, WHAT, in heaven’s name, would you slam to express anger?).

      And, as the official program shows, the L.C. minions worked their fingers-to-the-bone to be sure that the oh-so-P.C. program was: , multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-age-appropriate, and a few more multi’s not readily apparent.

      BUT, they missed at least one spectrum of society, for there seems to be no performances at all by ‘Transgender Bi-racial Physically-handicapped Abuse-Surviving Reformed Addicts and Ex-Convicts’

      However, judging by past performances, the L.C. people are probably working to remedy this even as we speak.

    7. lynn says:

      I clicked on the links and it appears I need tickets. I was asked to take a survey to win 2 tickets. So how are these events free, and if they’re outside couldn’t someone hear them even if they weren’t inside of the roped off perimeters? Just trying to clarify.