Openings and closings this week include lingerie, shoes, French-inspired food, and party clothes. A weekend involving all of those things would be quite wonderful.

The Danskin lingerie and workout-wear store on Broadway between 82nd and 83rd streets, is having a close-out store with items up to 70% off. Susan, who sent in the tip, said that she’s heard the store has warned customers it would have to close before but managed to stay in business.

rickys closedCostume and beauty shop Ricky’s on 113th street and Broadway closed suddenly this week, with workers dismantling shelves and boxing up products. An employee told one tipster that employees expect to be relocated to other branches. Thanks to our anonymous tipster.

Brokers have put up a listing for the Tani shoe store at 2020 Broadway between 69th and 70th streets. The 2,543 square foot store, which has been around for about 20 years, will be available in March.

French-inspired rotisserie chicken restaurant Poulette, which has another location in Hell’s Kitchen, is expected to open at 426 Amsterdam Avenue between West 80th and West 81st Streets. That’s the address of Luke’s Lobster, but the Commercial Observer says it will actually be taking over the space of a newsstand that closed last year and Luke’s tells us they aren’t going anywhere. The asking rent was $240 a square foot. They’re already doing construction and should be ready to open in about three months. Here’s the menu of the Hell’s Kitchen location.

Thanks to all out tipsters!

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    1. Aaron Biller says:

      Guess with Broadway rents, it was hard to operate Danskin on a tights budget.

    2. Harriet says:

      I will miss the Danskin Shop. And here’s the sad commentary on the demise of small business NATIONWIDE. Let’s not go all politically correct and blame the greedy UWS landlords. I’m a typical
      moderately liberal democrat not-rich-but-not-poor person. For years and years, I have very much liked a particular undergarment that the Danskin Shop sold. They were 3 for $27.00. So I saved my extra coins and every few months, I stopped in and bought 3 pairs to replace those that had worn out. I considered it a small scale luxury. In December I found virtually the same item at Costco packaged as SIX for $10.99. What’s a girl to do??
      I was also the owner of a small business which was decimated by the rise of the Internet and the rise of China, so I’m totally sympathetic to the cause. But alas, I must shop where I can stretch my dollars as best possible. And besides, Costco treats their employees fairly.

    3. Ken Botte says:

      The Danskin lingerie has been closing since I moved in the neighborhood 23 years ago… is it for real this time???

      • AC says:

        Ken, I’ve been in the hood for over 45 years, and I think I remember seeing that sign back in 1970! 🙂

    4. Wendy says:

      Sorry to hear about the Danskin shop. They were great in a pinch. But that’s pretty funny about Poulette opening on Amsterdam Ave between W. 80th and 81st. UWS-ers of a certain age will remember an extremely popular rotisserie chicken restaurant on that very block, called Amsterdam’s, which was in the space now occupied by the rib joint just a door or two down. Plus ca change…… it’s come full circle.

      • TedS says:

        I recall Amsterdams very fondly. I also checked the menu for poulette and while it looks good they charge ~$17 for a whole organic rotisserie chicken. Zabars has them for less than $10 a block away.

    5. pdf says:

      It would appear they are Danskin around the inevitable.

    6. Jean says:

      I believe Barbara Gee has been a fixture on the upper west side since the 50s or earlier.
      I’m going to search for an old photo of it.

    7. Dina Hampton says:

      Danskin has been going out of business since I was a kid!

    8. Spence Halperin says:

      You mean Chirping Chicken will finally have a competitor nearby?

    9. stevie e says:

      That location of the newsstand/mini grocery is TINY…it has got to be 6 feet wide, and definitely seemed much smaller than Luke’s width.

    10. Carmen says:

      Poulette Chicken would be a worthwhile addition. Still missing Murray’s on Bway/86. Chirpin’ Chicken is too long a walk and when they deliver they never get the order right.

      • Cato says:

        You mean Williams’, and I agree with you completely. Nothing like it, and probably never will be.

    11. Mary Jones says:

      I remember when Barbara Gee was on the other side of Broadway a block or two north of 86th st. They also opened another branch on that side of Broadway in the low 90s. Many people think it’s a Danskin store but it’s not…although they sell a lot of Danskin products. There was a Danskin store further south on the UWS that closed some years ago.

    12. Brian says:

      Poulette is an excellent addition to the neighborhood; it’s another notch against the notion that the UWS is a culinary wasteland.

    13. MDL says:

      I am sad to see this little shop close. I have made several purchases there over the years, it is a small shop but it was packed with hard to find undergarments. There are not a lot of options to purchase such items on the UWS- this store had great items that you will not find at a Victoria Secret store.

      I am also sad over the loss of the “Village Copier” location that was at 112th street on Broadway- It was a great place for self service photocopies. The space is now a Chase bank branch. They were unable to pay the rent increase that the bank could. There are too many banks & chain store pharmacies on the UWS, it’s out of control.

    14. Tom says:

      I thought that Murry’s opened up in Westchester and would be delivering to the UWS. What happened? They were the best!!!

    15. oteach says:

      I thought it was William’s Chicken on 86th and broadway…

    16. Tom says:

      I assume you meant Willians. It was the best!! What ever happened? Noah the owner was opening a place up in Westchester and as I understood he was going to deliver to those of us craving his chickens and kasha. Has anyone come close to his rotisserie chicken?

    17. Independent says:

      I remember, as a kid, waiting outside the Barbara Gee store while my mother went inside to shop.