Glove Tree

New York can be a lonely place, for people and even for clothing. Blame the decline of the traditional family, the Internet, or whatever, but gloves have a lot of trouble staying together.

Now two Canadian Christmas-tree-sellers on West End Avenue have found a way for gloves to find their matches again. The man and woman created a tree full of single gloves in front of CVS on 70th street and West End Avenue where you can place missing gloves, or look for the one that got away. The sign says “New York’s Single Glove Club, Will You Find Your Match?

Sunny Mindel, who sent us the photos,  said the tree is already making some successful matches: “While I was standing there, a woman came buy and found the match to a glove that had been left in her apartment by a guest.”

Now if only someone could set up a sock matching system, I’d put them up for the Nobel Prize.


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    1. ScooterStan says:

      Well, you have to HAND it to those christmas tree guys for being really HANDY and finding a HANDsome way of giving a helping HAND to those searching for their missing HAND-apparel.

      –Danny Glover (not!)

    2. L says:

      so nice. does anyone know of any soup kitchens on the UWS that will need volunteers on Christmas Day?

    3. Pops says:

      Way to go kiddo! Making the world a better place….

    4. Renie says:

      What a great idea; I’ve pondered how this could be done. Must take my collection of single gloves – picked up over several years – over to that tree ASAP! But what happens when it’s time to recycle the tree?!?

    5. Joel says:

      I think you’ll enjoy this, and maybe even forward it to George! Merry Christmas!
      AA and Sweetie (who doesn’t wear gloves — but I will get her some snow-boots if necessary)