The old Hertz garage at 77th street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue is not long for this world. Papers were filed last week with the city Buildings Department to tear it down and replace it with (you guessed it!) luxury apartments.

The 18-story building will have about 30 apartments, and developers Naftali Group plan to make them three and four bedrooms each. (How exactly will the overcrowded schools nearby absorb the 50 or 60 potential kids who will move in, you ask? If history is any guide, don’t expect the Department of Education to pay attention to that question until about four years after the building is complete, if then.) Naftali Group paid a staggering $55.5 million for the site, which it bought from the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services this year.

The same developers also recently completed began selling apartments at 182 West 82nd Street, local broker Al Isak pointed out to us, and those units are selling for $4.6 million and up. That building is under construction.

No date yet for when construction will be complete.

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    1. Scott says:

      come on, do you really think many of the kids moving into that building will be going to public school?

      • West Sider says:

        Private schools are now just as overcrowded, meaning plenty of parents who can afford private school are sending their kids to public school. And if it’s zoned for PS 87, that’s a very good public school. Avi

    2. Josie says:

      Any offspring of luxury apartment dwellers will be attending private schools. No overcrowding issue for the dept of education!

    3. mary jones says:

      That sounds good because I have to walk past Hertz twice a day…there are cars parked on the sidewalk all the time, can’t get by. They are so annoying

      • ELJ says:

        Just imagine how much nicer it will be to walk through construction dust and debris, under ugly sidewalk sheds listening to the sound of truck engines, jackhammers etc. for a year or more. And hey – maybe they’ll even need to close the street off entirely on occasion.

        • webot says:

          Seriously ELJ? that is your complaint, construction for a year?

          the existing building is an a void at best, an eyesore of a use, hopefully they will build something attractive like the Lauriette or Harrison and not go cheap like the Luturd across the street (or whatever the call it).

          Don’t complain just to complain, if construction bothers you so much , perhaps reconsider where you live.

    4. Ken says:

      Ya think anyone buying will notice the Fire Station directly across the street not to mention the pesky issue of the car-bomb barriers around the building next door just to the east. I detect some froth in the Manhattan real estate market.

    5. Nj says:

      You people are nuts to think that another highrise is ok for the UWS! I’m living here 30plus years and this once beautiful place has become a shithole! The quant neighborhood it once was is so over the top it breaks my heart. What happened to building construction having to add school space to their places too?

      • westSider says:

        30 years I got mugged on Central Park West.

        30 years ago you couldn’t go outside after a certain hour.

        30 years ago, your car got broken into, you got lived in fear,

        Yes you where younger, but your memory is rose colored.

        Perhaps its time for Florida, if you think its so bad here now.

    6. e says:

      There aren’t that many private schools in NYC–and to go to a school just across the street instead of downtown or the East Side…who knows?

    7. Ethan says:

      It is entirely possible that after construction, Hertz will return to the address. Then we can have it all: cars blocking the sidewalk AND overcrowded schools. But we’ll have to wait until after the year and a-half of construction.

    8. Jean says:

      The building at 182 W. 82nd Street is NOT completed, but only just starting. The facade is the only thing that is there. The construction company has taken over 15 parking spaces on a block where the police already has about 1/3 of the parking spaces and a church has another 4 or 5. The word on the street is that the construction and the lost parking spaces will last for another year.

    9. JV says:

      I live at the Opera apartments, the coop at 2166 Broadway. Our residents have had to endure the Harrison, Laureate & The Larstrand construction projects. Some units lost windows when the Harrison was constructed. The NYLO a/c units are within ear shot of apartments with north facing windows. Does anyone have idea’s on how to go about influencing this Neftali 18 story project before it’s too late so that their ACs do not compound the existing AC noise from NYLO? Thanks

    10. calvin says:

      im gonna miss the hertz rental garage and as for the cars on the sidewalk and its a driveway but I guess you never looked maybe they will come back when its done over