Dozens of rat droppings at Duane Reade. Uncomfortably warm shrimp at Food Emporium. Prime rib that had to be destroyed at Western Beef. Recent inspections of Upper West Side grocery stores have turned up all sorts of nastiness, and the results of those inspections have been compiled in a handy map for all to see (posted below).

This data, compiled by blog network Patch, is not easily available to the public like data on city restaurant inspections. Restaurants are inspected by the city Health Department, but grocery stores are inspected by the state Department of Agriculture and Markets. Inspection data must be requested from the agency.

You can click on the map below to see how your favorite grocery store fared at its most recent inspection. Red and purple markers show stores that failed their inspections. Below that, we’ve also listed some of the critical deficiencies (“an immediate threat to the public health and welfare”) that the state found at local grocery stores.

A couple of quick notes: There were no rats or mice seen at Fairway on 74th at a December inspection, but an inspector noted that “5-10 old appearing mouse droppings are present on staircase leading to second floor.” And as a commenter pointed out, at Whole Foods on 97th “two old, decayed rat carcasses are present on the floor along the walls in the loading dock area,” a discovery that apparently did not qualify as a critical deficiency. La la la, nothing to see here, just some rat carcasses.

Duane Reade, 89th and Broadway:

Food Emporium, 89th and Broadway:

Nathalie’s Deli, 67th and Amsterdam:

Western Beef, 63rd off of West End Avenue:

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    1. Elbo says:

      Notable that of the major high-end UWS retailers the uptown (Harlem) Fairway has the cleanest report and the two Whole Foods the worst. But hey, all that dirt and grime is probably organic.

    2. denton says:

      Prime rib at Western Beef? That statement alone shoulda got a ticket.

    3. Dan says:

      The entire meat department at Western Beef is an open, “kind of cold” refrigerated section. I’m sure they have to dispose of lots of product every week, at least I hope they do.

    4. UWSider says:

      We purchased already-spoiled cartons of milk from Western Beef multiple times. Now we only buy packaged goods there.

    5. Nicholas West says:

      The map shows wrong locations for both Food Emporium and Duane Reade. Food Emporium is on 90th St, not 89th, and Duane Reade is on 88th St, not 89th. Is attention to detail and precision completely dead in journalism now?

    6. UWS Pilates says:

      We live close to WEstern beef and last weekend we saw chicken being delivered in carton boxes, left on the pavement uncovered and wind blowing all the dirt all over it.

    7. rai lei kei says:

      I went to western beef east New York and saw a produce worker pickup fruit salad from the floor and put the container back she did not wear gloves. Some of the fruits that fell on the floor was mixed in with other fruit container. I am not shopping there I am completely spooked. I don’t trust that grocery location.