Just three years ago, the Upper West Side had zero 7-Elevens. Pretty soon, it will have four.

The Slurpee-slinger just signed a new lease to move into 2758 Broadway on the corner of 106th Street, which used to house a store called Broadway Bed & Bath that sold housewares and bedding. 7-Eleven is also close to opening on Broadway between 96th and 97th Streets in the former home of Gourmet Garage, as we reported a few months ago.

In fact, 7-Eleven is expected to open 114 outlets in the city in the next five years, according to the Daily News. This comes as local Korean delis are dying off.

The new 7-Eleven is expected to open in January, said David Chkheidze, director of retail leasing at Massey Knackal.

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Photo courtesy of David Chkheidze.


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    1. SJ Elliott says:

      That is disgusting. Why pay UWS rents when the burbs are all around.

    2. D Cortex says:

      Somehow, 7-11 is not affected by the “big soda” ban passed by Bloomberg last week. How is this possible? As you stroll by, they are hawking 24oz sugared bevs. by the dozens.
      Also, they have 6 kinds of HOT DOG endlessly rotating in a heated grill
      Health Food?

    3. joe says:

      this sucks

    4. Drew Stone says:

      This is a big bummer. The downslide continues……

    5. em says:

      I couldn’t be more disappointed. This is the LAST thing this neighborhood needs. I guess they think it’s the perfect placement … Next door to a bar (everyone will be able to buy smokes nearby and stand outside to pollute the air), across the street from a KFC, and across the street the other way from bus terminals. I hate the way my neighborhood is changing. I agree with all the other posters. This is just plain disgusting.

    6. Liz says:

      Wow!! Just what we need to put the last nail in the coffin in the “suburbanization” of NYC.

      Like screwing up the Crossroads of the World at Time Square and all the big box stores were not enough.

      Seems like I moved to NYC from NJ 30 years ago to avoid life in the burbs. I guess there is really no escaping it. Where ever you go there you are.

    7. Upper West Side Wally says:

      7-11 exists in the burbs by drawing you in with relatively cheap gas, and then bleed you for milk, motor oil, Ding Dongs, and gallon cups of flavored sugary water. Fine,shop there or not.
      But what am I to shop for in a 7-11 right next to a Christedes,a Walgreens and a West Side Market?
      Even another Starbucks would have been better.

    8. lisa says:

      This is just awful. the restaurants there stink up the courtyard so bad you can’t open your windows. Ever. I almost can’t believe it!

    9. Sally Mainish says:

      Awesome news. I love 7-11 and this is close to home. They’re low-cost sandwiches are great on the run.

    10. NewUWSresident says:

      UWS people are snobs.

    11. NikFromNYC says:

      Only corporate giants with teams of lawyers and slush funds dare open new shops in a neighborhood that proudly exclaims itself to be full of anti-business busybodies? How shocking.

    12. Sheila says:

      UGH….Last thing we need. We have plenty of deli’s and this will hurt the small business owners. I will boycott this store which is directly across the street from my apartment. I hope my fellow UWSrs will do the same. SHOP SMALL – Not chains whenever possible.