A week after the manager of a shelter on West 95th Street was stabbed and died, a resident of a nearby SRO on Broadway has met a similar fate. An unidentified 56-year-old resident of 2508 Broadway (The Narragansett) between 93rd and 94th,was found unconscious on Friday around 3 p.m. He was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS, said FoxNY. DNAinfo talked to neighbors who said the man had moved in about six months previously, had a fearsome presence and went by the nickname “the Outlaw.”

Commenters on our post from earlier this week about two homeless shelters the city is installing on West 95th Street have noted concerns about crime in that area.

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    1. zabawksi says:

      Lets close all the SROs , they are breeding grounds of crime.

      personally I do not care about the loss of low income housing. No one has a right to live in prime Manhattan unless they pay for it themselves.

      The policitian who fight to convert them all the normal houisng for normal folks gets my vote

      • Wyatt says:



        We need to help educate the public what the true agenda of the extremists who control the democratic machine in this town.

        Yes we are liberals , we live in New York. We want to help people, we want equality. But this has been taken to the extreme.
        No one can claim the right to live in prime Manhattan as a given right. They do not make things more charming, or better merely by their presence. Everyone should pay their own way. Just like most of us do.

        I don’t know about you, but it is my goal to get someone in office who cares about the rest of us Upper West Siders, even if we actually work for living.

        We need now to get Rosenthal, Brewer and the rest of the neo-communists out as soon as possible.

        • jerry says:

          My knee jerk reaction was to take umbrage to both Zabawski and Wyatt’s comments. But, after a bit of thought, I must agree with what thay say. The UWS is losing its lower/middle/upper middle class (and therein, its identity)…primarily because of the rents, maintenance and everyday costs that define living on the Upper West Side today. I have compassion for the homeless and I wish them a clean, dry and comforting space. Surely, however, within our city, there are places better suited to their needs than the Upper West Side – where the price of life’s essentials are budget draining even for many of its rent/maintenace/tax paying residents.

          • Don Arrup says:

            SROs or Single Room Occupancies are not shelters and have residents who have been working and paying their rent for decades. I have lived in my room and worked for my rent for twenty five years. Almost all of my neighbors are hard working frugal people who were a stabilizing presence when 94th and 95th Streets near Riverside Drive were drug corners. There would not have been any gentrification without us
            The Supreme Court of the United States upheld rent stabilization recently and if you are waiting for a more conservative court good luck.
            I suspect that the owners of the SROs which enjoyed tax breaks for decades on these buildings are now using the fear of violent homeless men to coerce permanent residents to leave voluntarily.
            I have nothing against the owners pursuing a reasonable return on their investments but why the state breaks the law by paying more than the legally established rents has yet to be explained to me.

    2. mr. uws liberal says:

      bring us your tired,your poor,your homeless,your criminals,your junkies,your hookers.

    3. Lynn says:

      Who really benefits, landlords and politicians. Four years ago I knew who the homeless people were on Broadway between 79 and 96th Streets. I could give them some food and change. Now there are one or two homeless on most blocks. When one leaves, a new shift takes over the spot. I am intimidated when I am asked for money from so many. As a single female senior, I no longer feel safe,at night, in my community!

      • mike212 UWS says:

        Lynn you can thank Rosenthal and Brewer for making Broadway an unsafe, sewer!
        Forget your rights to walk down the street and not be harrassed,intimidated, or panhandled. let alone to have a block or two without vagrants.

        And if you criticize you are called heartless, republican, not a real new yorker, blah blah.

        And that is why my friends just gave up and moved to Montclair New Jersey.. Who needs to live like this.

    4. NikFromNYC says:

      “Roy came back from his thirty-day cure on Riker’s Island and introduced me to a peddler who was
      pushing Mexican H on 103rd and Broadway. During the early part of the war, imports of H were
      virtually cut off and the only junk available was prescription M. However, lines of communication
      reformed and heroin began coming in from Mexico, where there were poppy fields tended by Chinese.
      This Mexican H was brown in color since it had quite a bit of raw opium in it.
      103rd and Broadway looks like any Broadway block.
      Acafeteria, a movie, stores. In the middle of Broadway is an island with some grass and benches
      placed at intervals. 103rd is a subway stop, a crowded block. This is junk territory. Junk haunts the
      cafeteria, roams up and down the block, sometimes half-crossing Broadway to rest on one of the island
      benches. A ghost in daylight on a crowded street.”

      – William Burroughs