Video of Two Cars Un-Coupling is Noisy and Messy

Our readers had great fun with a photo of an SUV that appeared to mount a sedan on Columbus Avenue and 74th Street (oh lord, the comments). Now someone has posted a video of the aftermath of that incident. Kevin Shultis put up the video below on YouTube. Let’s just say it’s not quite as romantic as you might hope.

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    1. ST says:

      I didn’t want to ruin in the fun before, but I don’t find the situation funny in the least. A very nice little tree was destroyed. Trees cost the city quite a lot. In Coviid people are going nuts with the speeding.

      • Josh says:

        Totally agreed. And further, those pedestrian islands are supposed to be a place that a pedestrian could stand while waiting for the light. So instead of just destroying a tree, it could have been a person. And the car could not have been going the speed limit and gotten up there. The tree would have succumbed, but stopped the car at 25mph. I would hypothesize that it would have been doing about 50 to get that high up.

        • George CPW says:

          ST and Josh,
          Sometimes even dangerous things have a humorous or absurd side. Lighten up, or the pandemic will seem a lot longer to you.

    2. Juan says:

      At least he left her flowers…

    3. bloomie says:

      Like two cats uncoupling

    4. m.pipik says:

      Can someone please explain the physics of how this might have happened?

      How could it have been coming directly from the south given the parking/bike lanes?
      That’s other than the driver being in another universe.

      Was the tree big enough that it deflected the SUV’s trajectory upwards? Did the vehicle not have to going pretty fast (and straight on) to end up where it did?

      I guess being stuck at home leads some of us to ponder these meaningless things.

      • Boris says:

        It’s not that complicated. The car was going fast enough to jump the curb and ride up the tree as it bent forward. It didn’t travel that far once the tree rested on top of the other car.

    5. Cupcake! says:

      Cartus interruptus!

    6. Chiquita says:

      Why dont they shut the streets and open them for ppl?!