The Neighborhood Is In Bloom for Earth Day; Where to See The Blossoms

It’s Earth Day and the Upper West Side is in bloom, even if most of us don’t get out often enough to see it. Photos from hotspots in the neighborhood show that blossoms are blooming — apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, whatever else blossoms.

The cherry trees at 93rd Street in central Park are blooming:

Photo by Rhonda.

Central Park’s Conservancy Garden on the East Side around 105th Street also has some striking crabapple trees.

Central Park also has cherry trees on the West side of the park by the Reservoir, around 89th Street.

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    1. Claire Cooney says:

      The Natural History Museum has a glorious tulip display at 81st and Columbus.

    2. Sally Campbell says:

      Riverside Park cherry and crabapple trees are overwhelming in their bounty and beauty. From about 91 Street into the 100’s. Just glorious.