76-Year-Old Woman Clapped So Hard for Health Care Workers Her Wedding Ring Fell 13 Stories Down

Wedding ring file photo by Yovany Camacho.

A woman on 87th Street and West End Avenue cheered very enthusiastically for health care workers and other local heroes at the 7 p.m. nightly clap-athon on Wednesday. She got so excited, her wedding ring fell off, her daughter tells us.

“My mother (76) loves the evening clap for essential workers, it’s the highlight of her day. Last night (April 22) as she was ringing her bell out of her 13th story window, her wedding ring flew off! She and my father (83) celebrated their 50th anniversary on March 24, already quarantined. While many people are having a hard time coping during this time, it is especially hard on older NYers. The ring does not hold extraordinary value, it was a plain band. But the tiredness in my mother’s voice when she said she wouldn’t replace it is the worst part.

They live on West End Avenue in the 80s. I contacted the 24th precinct for possible help but I am sure they’re swamped. If you could place an note for the lost ring, I would be grateful. If you have any other ideas to potentially locate a needle in a haystack, I’m all ears! I’d love to turn this into a great good news story.”

If you’ve found any wedding rings, feel free to email us at westsiderag at gmail and we’ll forward your message. And remember, tonight everyone will be singing “Lean on Me” so get your vocal cords ready and tune into WBAI!

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    1. Sandra says:

      Could you provide the building address? I’m happy to look, but don’t know which side of the street.

    2. UWSer says:

      Which corner? E/W/N/S?

    3. elle says:

      Please let us know which side of the street/Avenue. As we would be happy to help look for it.

    4. Paul says:

      Does she have Farmer’s Insurance?
      There’s a JK Simmons tv ad in this story.

    5. RThal says:

      Keep in mind that a metal item falling that far, will bounce and land….. So looking on either side of the street or near a tree might lead to a successful find.

    6. Cheryl says:

      Oh no! It looks just like one my company manufactures. I hope you will let me replace it at no cost if you don’t find it. It would be my pleasure to pay it forward during this uncertain time for a fellow neighbor. Stay safe and healthy!

    7. tmw says:

      What is the address? We will go look around.

    8. Vicki gillean says:

      The post office lost my 35 year wedding bband .it ment alot to. It had a diamond Anand 2 rubies. I hope the lady who lost hers. Finds it.

    9. Rachel says:

      I hope someone finds it!

    10. Fran Moskin says:

      Fake news. Has a Go Fund Me page been set up to collect money?

      • UWSder says:

        What a horrible thing to say. I happen to know the couple and they are lovely and caring people who were just showing their appreciation to the health care workers. They ring their bell every night and did so last night even after the ring was lost the night before.

    11. UWSder says:

      An elderly couple lives next to me and always rings a bell each night. I am going to look on the ground outside our building for them.

    12. UWSder says:

      I just confirmed it was in front of my building. It is the NW corner of West end at 87th street. There are many bushes and tree planters in from of the building and the ring could have bounced very far. I tried to look this morning but it was raining fairly hard. Come on people. Let’s find this ring and return it to this lovely couple who were just expressing love for first responders.

      • JP says:

        Maybe see if someone can have the couple or super, drop something similar out the window while someone on the ground watches (from a safe distance) and see what area that landed? Not exact because of weight/size/airspeed etc but might help narrow the location?

    13. Marie says:

      If there is an engraving inside of it make sure you check local pawn shops.If someone found it and didn’t see this post they might just cash it in. Posting a flyer in the area with a reward just larger than what someone would get if they tried to pawn it might help too. Good luck!

      • Boris says:

        Your suggestions require probabilities of events happening that are extremely low. How many pawn shops are there within a reasonable distance on the UWS that are open? What’s the likelihood that whoever found it would not take it outside this neighborhood? What are the chances that the person reads the WSR? How would you know what a pawn shop would offer if they’re all closed?

    14. Lisa Goldstein says:


    15. Ira Gershenhorn says:

      This kind of happened to me in a disgusting garage bathroom in Ireland. Was carefully washing my hands and when I shook them my ring flew off. Had to crawl around on the floor to find it. I found it. Whew!