Ring Lost During ‘Hero Celebration’ Found by Intrepid Neighbors

The 76-year-old woman who lost her ring while clapping for coronavirus heroes a few nights ago got it back — thanks to people who read the original story we posted, according to a family member.

Ellen, the woman’s daughter, just sent us an email about the discovery after telling us that several West Side Rag readers had been scouring West End Avenue for the lost ring. She wrote the note below:

“Two women who saw the story decided to walk and search. As they didn’t have the exact location they looked in places others hadn’t. They found the ring in the base of a tree (it seems as if someone probably found it earlier and placed it there as it was way around the corner and nowhere near where it possibly could have fallen). They brought the ring to the doorman who called my Mom.

So thank you!! And a very happy ending.”

Photo via flickr.

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    1. NYYgirl says:

      So fantastic to hear this!!!!!

    2. Cindyp says:

      Now, that’s a great story about a symbol of love! And love those ladies who persisted. Great work girls!

    3. Suzanne Davis says:

      As a fellow clapper, I am THRILLED to hear the outcome of this story. I was hoping some people would search. Thanks for the good news.

    4. Susan Green says:

      Lovely- I remember years ago when my mother lost her ring and I went scouring for it.. and found it! It meant so much to have it back. It was lovely to hear of strangers who wanted so much to help.

    5. Frank says:

      Such a great ending!

    6. Susan says:

      This is a beautiful story!

    7. West 90th Street Jeff says:

      Now THAT’S my Upper West Side. Love it.

    8. Margaret says:

      What a wonderfully happy ending! Now if someone could just help me find my right air pod that fell out of my ear the other day … nowhere NEAR the UWS, but just thought I’d throw it out there to the universe – you never know! Please all stay safe and healthy! Xox

    9. CHERYL says:


    10. Sally Campbell says:

      I’m noticing the Bible passage right next the ring says to some it is given to work miracles. I believe if we open our hearts as those women did, and are willing to do some work, we can all work miracles. Thanks for telling us the end of this great story. One other point, having looked for things I have dropped, I’m always amazed how far the have gone.

    11. JS says:

      Loved reading this happy ending. Some people are so kind.

    12. Zoe says:

      The power of the West Side Rag!! 🙌
      Love a happy ending …

    13. Sarah says:

      Oh, I’m so pleased! Good work, everybody!

    14. Martha says:

      I ❤️ NY.

    15. Suzie E says:

      West Side Rag, you might put Margaret at #8 in touch with the two people who have found air pods. You’d have another happy ending to report!

    16. Marci says:

      A happy ending! Thanks for letting us know.

    17. ZoomZ says:

      Your paper’s name for the next week should be:

      The West Side RING

    18. UWSder says:

      These are my neighbors and i am so glad to see the ring returned. They are sweet and lovely people who are actually new to New york City but have been committed to cheering First Responders night after night.

    19. Ruth Bonnet says:

      This made my day! This is the Upper West Side I know and love!

    20. Jackie Penny says:

      This is hear warming. The whole story. So glad the woman got her ring back, and Bless those two women who took the time to search. Stories like this make me proud to be a New Yorker. 🙂 Stay well and be safe everyone.

    21. ClaudiaC says:

      I’m happy the ring was returned.
      I found a page from a Brazilian passport, and this page has all the personal information about an individual. Do you have suggestions on what to do with this passport?

      • UWS says:

        You can reach out to Consulate General of Brazil in New York. They might have a person’s contact info