Local Politicians Organize Virtual Town Halls on Health and the State Budget

Some local politicians have been organizing meetings with services like Zoom to help constituents. Here are a few where you can get info and sometimes ask questions:

Council member Mark Levine will have a conversation with NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot on Thursday from 5 to 6. Pre-registration is required to join the Q&A. Once you register you will receive an email with information on how to video-connect to the meeting or phone dial-in information. The registration link is here.

And State Sen. Robert Jackson is planning to host a “Facebook Live” later this month to explain the state budget, which is facing serious cuts. The meeting will be stream-able through https://www.facebook.com/SenatorRJackson/ on April 29, but a time has not been set up. More below:

My office and I have organized a conversation with 7 of my progressive colleagues in the Senate on where we go from here. In advance of the first wave of cuts Governor Cuomo plans to propose at the end of April, advocates across the state are looking to the legislature to provide the way forward. My colleagues and I want to share our thoughts on what that way forward. (Hint: it includes passing bills, raising revenue, halting austerity, and canceling rent!) We also want to hear your thoughts and questions.

Join us on Wednesday, April 29 on Facebook Live, time TBD. Stay tuned for an event link, as well as a form through which you can submit questions in advance.

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    1. Chris says:

      I do not think they are estimating the lost tax revenue in a reality based estimate. I would have to say they will have to cut 30% off state and city budget for next year not the 10% they are planning on. No tourist will come here to at least next year. No shows and restaurants at only half capacity. Lines at grocery stores etc (like the bread lines Bernie so loved)

    2. Jean Hill says:

      These are two irresponsible and should have no role in government let alone be runnign town halls on helath.

      This is Mark Levine:
      ““In powerful show of defiance of coronavirus scare, huge crowds gathering in NYC’s Chinatown for ceremony ahead of annual Lunar New Year parade. Chants of ‘Be Strong Wuhan!’ If you are staying away, you are missing out.”

      He also tweeted after the pandemic was raging
      that the city was preparing “temporary burials” of coronavirus victims in public parks.

      While the Pandemic got going Barbot said the risk was “low” and tweeted: ‘“As we gear up to celebrate the #LunarNewYear in NYC, I want to assure New Yorkers that there is no reason for anyone to change their holiday plans, avoid the subway, or certain parts of the city because of #coronavirus,”