Crafted 3

Crafted, a Kosher deli that makes fresh bagels, just opened its new store on 93rd street and Amsterdam Avenue, and will open for good starting on Sunday.

Joey, the owner’s son, told us that the store will sell a wide spread of deli offerings, from specialty herrings to freshly sliced lox and lots of cheese. There are drink coolers too. The store is supervised by the Vaad of Queens, he told us. The owners also run Main Street Bagels in Queens.

We didn’t get a chance to try a bagel, but if you do let us know how it was!

crafted 4

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    1. pub says:

      I will go there tomorrow morning….


    2. Drew says:

      Popped in yesterday afternoon and it looks like it’s going to be great. Still getting things up and running but their spreads and dips, pastries/baked goods, croissants and rugula good great. Have a small salad bar with a lot of organic ingredients for $7.50, organic nuts and juices for reasonable prices (more so then a lot of other spots in the UWS anyway).

      Didn’t have their bagel operation up and running but looked GREAT, especially for the low-mid 90’s which could use more places like this.

      Only frustration is the kosher part = closed 50% of the time I would go there…

    3. Elana Bogner says:

      Ordered a personal cheese pizza and chocolate croissant, both were delicious. Good service and selection looked great.

    4. Michal says:

      Are there tables, or is it just takeout?

    5. Paul RL says:

      Smoked whitefish, please!

    6. David says:

      Very excited for this place to open… BUT… it needs signage! And half of the cupboards are bare.

      It’s open, but have you looked in there? Doesn’t really look ready or inviting at all.

      The outside looked better with the “Crafted, Opening Soon” signs up. A little worried about this place.

      But when does the Halal place open? THAT, I’m excited about!

    7. BJ says:

      Also a little worried about this place. Went there this morning for bagel. Bagel is good, but tastes a little of flour, like it wasn’t baked through. Staff seem untrained & unprepared. They were very nice, but seemed a little like deer in the headlights. Took a while to get my bagel & pay for it once I had ordered. While I was waiting, two potential customers came in, looked around, and left. Not a good sign.

    8. Wendy says:

      I always find it so odd when one store that basically sells what another store down the street sells opens up so close by. In this case I’m talking about the Kosher bagel store on Amst. and 90th (which is owned by locals by the way), and would appear to have similar stuff, but is a much smaller space (not that condusive to sitting down). There’s also Tal, of course which has been open for years on Bway and 90-91st (but I don’t think it’s kosher). In the dessert place department, Mille-Feuille opened on the same block as another French pastry place on Broadway. I don’t see how the neighborhood can sustain these similar places, or how those two businesses will survive against each other (unless they have low rents).

      • manhattanmarg says:

        Mille Feuille was there a couple of months before Maison Keyser; it will probably be a duel to the death, and I’m thinking that Eric the Red (Keyser) will win, as far as tasty treats go!

    9. Majharul islam says:

      I need to work here .