subway hit
Ambulances and fire trucks raced to the subway station at 79th street and Broadway Monday.

A person was hit by a train on the 1 line at 79th street on Monday around 10:30 a.m., and FDNY spokesperson said they believe the person died on the scene.

Update: FDNY has confirmed that the person died.

Trains were being diverted: “b/d no #1 42 St to 137 St, b/d no #3 14 St to 148 St & s/b #2 via #5 149 St to Nevins St , police investigation at 79 St.” (b/d = both directions, s/b = southbound)

Update: the 1 train was running again as of noon.

We will update as we hear more.

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    1. Elias Friedman says:

      BDE. It’s a very sad thing. It may or may not have anything to do with this incident, but I’ve often wondered at how, when the overhead says, “Train approaching, step back from the platform edge.”, everyone does the exact opposite!

    2. Independent says:

      Thank you for not posting any pictures of the body.

    3. molly gordy says:

      Is there any more information about what happened? Was it a suicide? Was it someone from the neighborhood? What is the backstory?