Captain Marlon Larin (center) spoke at a 24th precinct community council meeting on Wednesday night.

By Krista Carter

Felony crimes, traffic crashes and more were on the agenda Wednesday night at the 24th precinct’s monthly community council meeting. The 24th covers the neighborhood North of 86th street.

Recent Crimes
• Suspect of two robberies at 106th St & 107th St at large; sketch based on eyewitness account as seen in this post.
– 10/18 at 11:30 PM – forced woman into her building and took her bag
– 10/19 at 3:30 AM forced woman into her building and fled with her phone

• Be On the Look Out – Suspect seen breaking into Variaizoni on 89th St using a brick in a bag to smash window; people seen passing by and not taking action. Subject has 84 prior arrests including 3 burglaries involving front glass breaks of commercial establishments and the removal of clothing and accessories, which is consistent with the MO of this pattern.

• 11/12 – At 95th St & West End Ave an “unprovoked” attack occurred where a super was sweeping the sidewalk and was approached by a suspect asking, “Have you seen my mother?” When the super replied that he did not, he was repeatedly stabbed with a kitchen knife wielded by the suspect. Police on their day tour saw and apprehended the suspect, who had 29 prior arrests, is in a gang, and is from Brooklyn.  He is currently in custody.

• 11/15 – At 319 West 94th St at 1AM neighbors dispute over a sticker; one attacked the other with a nail and a pot; the blows from the pot caused head trauma.

• 10/21 – At 99th St & Amsterdam Ave – Wise Towers Vs. Douglass – Teen from Douglass threw a bottle and Wise retaliated by firing gun shots; suspect with gun ID’d and arrested. Charged with reckless endangerment.

• Crime:
11.5% increase in major felony crimes in past 28 days (87 versus 78).

• Traffic:
5% increase in pedestrians hit by vehicles year to date (82 versus 77 last year through same date)
72% increase in vehicles hiting bicyclists year to date (43 to 25 last year), though this may be affected by more stringent reporting standards. Police officials believe more people are riding bikes in the area too, which may be causing more conflicts.

Total traffic collisions are down 9.2% year to date, but crashes with injuries are up 10.6%. Police are still working through the statistics to fully understand these trends.

The 24th precinct is on Twitter: @NYPD24PCT

Friday, 11/21 – An active shooter drill will be conducted at 4 p.m. at Trinity School

Waiting on Ferguson indictment – contingency plan in effect. After some problems following the Eric Garner incident, police will be closely monitoring courtyard of Douglass Housing and Broadway and 96th Street.

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    1. Paul RL says:

      Thanks, WSR. Was there any discussion from Captain Larin regarding a change in tactics or increase in patrols to combat the rise in crime?

    2. Chris says:

      Thanks for a great summary. Was also curious as to whether he said anything about increased patrols or other initiatives. Also, 84 prior arrests?!

    3. Jason says:

      The crime is getting out of control in the mid-upper 90’s along with the traffic congestion on Broadway and West End Avenue. When is this term up so that we can get an adult back in City Hall? Or is he too busy hiring his un-elected wife’s staff??

    4. Cato says:

      Clearly the Precinct is flat-out wrong in saying that crime has gone up. We keep reading in the comments here that crime has gone *down*.

      Maybe Mayor Sharpton needs to make a change in command at this Precinct to find someone who can spout the party line?

    5. Giovanni says:

      Overall, the trendline in crime is consistently headed down across all major categories, and looking at month to month blips in the numbers either up or down is meaningless unless you are just trying to win a petty political argument.

      According to the 24th precincts CompStats, overall crime is down almost 3% vs 2 years ago, down 32% vs 2001, down 49% vs 1998, down 78% vs. 1993.

      As for this calendar year, robbery and felony asssault are down 20-25%. What is going up is burglary by 50% likely due to the lack of jobs and high rent in the NY economy, and rape by 44%, so maybe people need to take the matrress girl at Columbia and Bill Cosby’s accusers a little more seriously if we are really serious about fighting crime.

      • Sam says:

        Crime is UP 2.63% YTD from last year according to CompStat as of 11/9.

        • Billy says:

          Keep putting those blinders on, you guys said under DeBlasio that crime in NY would go back to the levels seen in the 1970s, it has not.

          Citywide crime is DOWN this year by more than 4%, yet all you can point to is a 2.6% blip in the numbers on the UWS? Like everyone here on the UWS even noticed a 2.6% increase? Like you witnessed any crime at all? The UWS trend is the same as the city, crime is going down. Everyone should be happy about that, instead of spreading fear.

          The one thing that is definitely going up is the number of people spreading fear and misinformation, and you don’t need CompStat to figure that out.

          • zeus says:

            I was never a fan of Mike Bloomberg, but ya gotta give him credit when it came to bringing crime in NYC down.
            As long as Comrade Mayor di Blasio and former fat man Sharpton are in control, crime will rise, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year.
            Bring back Stop & Search and see crime going down.
            Enough with hand cuffing the police dept. for the sake of political correctness.

          • Sam says:

            Billy as a matter of fact I did witness a violent crime occurring right outside my window a few months back involving 3 guys, one knife and a gunshot. I worked with the cops and identified the guy who ran off to hide in RSP.

            The story was covered on WSR as well as DNA:


            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              So I notice this crime that the ever-alarmed Sam witnessed had nothing to do with the homeless shelters and with supportive housing.

              How come Sam was not creating the same sort of blanket generalizations about the crime he actually witnessed? tracing down the shooter’s mother, etc? where does she live? isn’t her housing situation responsible?

              it’s known as a double standard.

            • webot says:

              Thank you Sam for your proactiveness.

              Ignore the haters and those who draw bizarre conclusions.

    6. bill says:

      this is all well and good…but murders are down……..does anyone have a theory on why crime is up(as if we already didnt know)

    7. Harriet says:

      A comment about traffic issues, not major crime. A suggestion I heard on NPR this morning. Apparently some major cities with traffic congestion simply do not allow left turns in busy areas. Looking at the traffic statistics for this year, it seems that if we forced drivers to make 3 right turns instead of a left turn, most of the West End Ave. incidents would not have happened. To whom do we suggest this?

      • Cato says:

        The problem is that the whole City has made one grand, grotesque turn to the Left, and we can’t undo it for another three years.

    8. KG says:

      I think this article would have been more useful if we knew what Larin’s view was on what is causing the recent uptick in crimes, and what (if anything) he plans to or can do about it. Statistics may continue to show a drop (or a non-increase) in crime, but they don’t necessarily reflect quality of life concerns that have most people on the UWS rightfully worried about.

      • webot says:

        well KG according to some people your concerns are just the made up racist fantasies of ex suburbanites.

        We need to communicate to the police and our elected officials that quality of life crimes are equally important,effect us on a daily basis, and left unchecked lead to increase in more serious crimes and neighborhood decline.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          could you please explain what you mean by “quality of life” crimes and which ones you want the 24th Precinct to concentrate on cracking down on?

          • Paul RL says:

            While Webot gets his list together, here’s a partial one of my own for you to deny or rationalize to suit your needs. Aggressive panhandling. Gang wars between the projects in the ’90’s & 100’s. Violent & cursing residents loitering outside the shelters in which they reside. People sleeping, making messes, and sometimes defacating on our sidewalks. Others exhibiting anti-social and potentially dangerous behavior (just this afternoon on 94th & & Broadway, a whacked out druggie/drunk started touching himself in front of my 3 year old daughter and friend’s 3 year old son.) The list goes on and on. By ignoring a downturn in the quality of life in a neighborhood, we risk exposing it to more onerous crimes, and that has steadily happened here. Perhaps you are happy with these developments, but most of us are not.

            • KG says:

              Sorry to hear that your kid had to see something like that. The shelter really has to go, it’s not fair to the people in the 90’s who bought into that neighborhood to have to experience stuff like this and potentially see their property values erode. I’m sure most reasonable people will agree that the homeless need help, but not in a way that negatively affects a neighborhood.

    9. Aunt Renie says:

      This is not an opinion so much but a question: We have cameras at traffic lights that photograph cars & license plates numbers that run red lights, speed, etc. If you break the traffic law a photo & summons is sent to you. What if adult bicyclist who ride on NYC streets were required to have a license plate attached to their bike. The cost of the license should be very nominal??? Just a question?

    10. zeus says:

      I was never a fan of Mike Bloomberg, but ya gotta give him credit when it came to bringing crime in NYC down.
      As long as Comrade Mayor di Blasio and former fat man Sharpton are in control, crime will rise, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year.
      Bring back Stop & Search and see crime going down.
      Enough with hand cuffing the police dept. for the sake of political correctness.

      • webot says:

        Zeus, nicely said.

      • Upper West Side Wally says:

        The Fourth Amendment is political correctness?

        • zeus says:

          The 4th is the 4th, and it says “unreasonable”.
          Well –
          Stop & Search in NYC was NOT unreasonable,
          and it helped in bringing crime down.
          Political correctness is the new cancer in our society.
          It brings down previously wise folks to the standard of common idiots.

          • Mark says:

            When the success rate was a little under %10 in terms of illegal guns confiscated I wouldn’t exactly brag about it helping bring crime down. Scaring %90 of the innocent people in a neighborhood just to give the hypothetically criminal %10 a reason to fear walking the streets is a horrible policy. Calling minor children mutts for looking at an officer the wrong way and threatening to break his arm is not a success. What happened to Adrian Schoolcraft was not success.

            • zeus says:

              You go to extremes.
              Crime did go down during Mayor Mike’s tenure.
              It’s a fact.
              Crim e has gone up in the last 11 months, and it will continue to do so for at least the next ten years, the time that Comrade di Blasio and former fat man Sharpton are in control of the city.
              As well as corruption at high places, ie – Sharpton owing over $4.5 million in back tax, all the wjile being an “advisor” to di Blasio & Obama.
              Only in America/.

          • Upper West Side Wally says:

            250.000+ stops a year, and none of those were unreasonable? Forcing kids to pull their baggy of weed out of their pocket – ‘gotcha, kid, now it’s public display!’ and a criminal is taken off the street..! Just so Bratton c.s. can claim that ‘crime is down’. There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics… (Mark Twain)

      • ELJ says:

        A number of the crimes that have been written about lately do not mention that a gun was used. In several cases it appears that brute force was the perpetrator’s weapon of choice. How would stop & frisk have helped to prevent these crimes?

        • zeus says:

          Stop & Frisk (Search) was not just for guns.
          The idea that you could be stopped, questioned and searched was enough to keep the rifrafs off the roads.
          Just the idea that they could be subjected to questioning at random was enough to deter 50% of potential crimes.
          Other wise – how can you explain crime going down every year Stop & Search was in style?
          Bring it back.
          Put the criminals behind bars.
          Hard labor will be fine, but of course, in our day and age political correctness will not allow it.
          Too bad.

          • Upper West Side Wally says:

            Zeus writes: “The idea that you could be stopped, questioned and searched was enough to keep the rifrafs off the roads.”

            Scary, very scary…

          • Mark says:


            Is this what you had in mind to keep “riff raffs” off the street? Shame on you, and to everyone and their quality of life complaints. Homeless people and graffiti have no effect on your life what so ever, sorry you missed the GIuliani boat. Who is still just as racist and horrible as ever. Good riddance.

            • webot says:

              Mark do you speak for others.

              Shame on you and all the other can’t think straight liberals who are out to destroy our city bit by bit.

              We will not let them!!

            • zeus says:

              By rifraf I meant the criminals walking the streets.
              I have nothing against the homeless or graffiti.
              I help the homeless on daily bases with food I buy for them and money I hand them as well.
              You seem to be so far to the left that when you will be robbed or assaulted, you’ll say thank you to the perpetrator.
              Remember this-
              A conservative is a liberal who was mugged.

              And on a certain level, even though I never voted for him, yes, indeed, I’d rather have Guliani back at city hall rather than Comrade Mayor Bill di Blasio and former fat man Sharpton running the show.
              Any day, any time, any how.

            • Paul RL says:

              And shame on you and everybody else who thinks that quality of life issues don’t lead to bigger problems.

            • zeus says:

              Paul RL,
              Glad you wrote your opinion.
              Finally – a sane voice in the wilderness.