Comments of the Week: One Liners

This week, we’re publishing very short comments, in celebration of brevity.

re: School Schedule Changes Again — Older Kids Won’t Be Back Until October

Will says:
Don’t forget it was because of Bloomberg that we got De Blasio, people were sick of him too. Every action has an opposite reaction.

re: Macy’s Gives More Details on Thanksgiving Parade; Balloon Inflation Cancelled

JC says:
I’m seriously worried that Xmas trees will not be sold on the streets of the UWS this year…

re: City Pauses Relocation of Homeless Men After Outcry

Agnes Frank says:
The correct spelling is “mastUrbate”

re: Cars Keep Driving Down the West End Avenue ‘Open Street’, Endangering Pedestrians

Sal says:
Who cares, its a city, go to the park if you dont like cars. Just shut up.

re: Openings & Closings: Beacon Bar, Manhattan Mailroom, Moscot, OsteoStrong, Bistro Cassis’ Replacement

Ethan says:
The list of Upper West Side “grownup” bars has been dwindling for years, and the demise of Beacon Bar is another nail in that particular coffin. Where’s a sexagenarian supposed to get a drink nowadays?

re: Citizen Shofar-Blowers Will Announce the New Year Around the UWS This Sunday

Rachelle Pachtman says:
Wishing you a sweet, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.❤️😇🌈🌷🍒🍷🦄🐕🐱🧸

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    1. EdNY says:


    2. Cato says:

      “In celebration of brevity”: President Calvin Coolidge was a man of few words and known as “Silent Cal”. The famous quote attributed to him may, or may not, be apocryphal. Told by a participant at a dinner that “I bet I could get three words out of you”, Coolidge is said to have responded “You lose”.

    3. Juan says:

      Not sure where to post this – whatever happened to the show about the co-op that WSR posted that was filmed early in the pandemic where there were about six characters who were very typical UWS and none were actually in the same place? I was hoping they would make another episode. It wasn’t Must See TV but it was entertaining and very representative of our neighborhood.

    4. paul hecht says:

      Re Masturbate see also minuscule

    5. Jo Baldwin says:

      There is no gravity; the whole world sucks.

    6. George Nash says:

      This is Uptown Christmas Trees. We’re ready to go. We have protocols in place but the City is dragging it’s feet re: permission. Contact the Mayor’s office and Parks and let them know you want trees on the sidewalks. Merry Christmas (hopefully). We will also have online ordering.

    7. Bruce Rutherford says:

      Brevity? Gee, how ironic considering the last 3 years, 10 months, and 14 days seemed like decades to the majority of Americans. And for virtually every Westsider, trumpism has been almost 4 winters of our collective discontent.