Openings & Closings: Beacon Bar, Manhattan Mailroom, Moscot, OsteoStrong, Bistro Cassis’ Replacement

The Beacon Bar on Broadway and 75th has closed permanently, a manager told tipster Cameron. The bar is connected to the Hotel Beacon. “I am CRUSHED,” Cameron tells us. “Beacon Bar had the best happy hour and their french dip sandwich was just so darn yummy. I pray they find a way to reopen someday.”

Manhattan Mailroom, which accepted delivery of mail and packages (including dry cleaning) at Columbus and 82nd, closed on September 15. “It has been a pleasure to serve you but present conditions will not allow us to go on,” the business said in a note on the window. Thanks to Kate Hinds for the tip.

Eyeglass store Moscot is opening at 188 Columbus Avenue between 68th and 69th on September 25. “Fans of the iconic New York City bred brand can expect to find familiar touches that are distinctly Moscot throughout the space, including vintage tchotchkes, quirky artifacts, old school tin ceilings quintessential to Lower Manhattan architecture, and other mementos of the city’s storied past,” a release says. “In addition to offering the latest in optical technology and classic eyewear designs, professional eyecare will be available including telemedicine eye exams.”

OsteoStrong, a center to help people improve skeletal strength, is opening at 245 West 72nd Street this November. “We are helping communities through our all natural and unique technology that targets bone and muscle strength,” owner Zeena tells us. “Our center is part of an international brand that is simple, brings better balance, athletic performance and less joint and back pain – we’ve even had members saying they have more energy than they did 10 years ago!”

A new bistro is replacing Bistro Cassis, the restaurant at 225 Columbus Avenue between 70th and 71st Streets that closed earlier in the pandemic. Bobby Panza spoke to the new owner: “The new name might be Manny’s Bistro, he smiled. He took it over from the previous owner on Sept 1 and renegotiated the lease,” he wrote. The owner didn’t want any pictures yet because it’s still under renovation.

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    1. Jean Luke says:

      That’s too bad about Beacon Bar – that was a very nice relaxing atmosphere. Glad to hear Cassis will be another bistro.

      I used to love that restaurant but hadn’t gone in a while. I saw they were doing renovations the other night. Manny Colon the new owner / former manager had a heart transplant last year. Amazing story and I wish him luck.

    2. Bernard Kabak says:

      I got my first pair of glasses at Sol Moscot on the Lower East Side (Orchard corner Delancy, as I recall) back in the ’50s.

    3. Kate says:

      I’m so sad about Bistro Cassis.

    4. uwsmom says:

      There will now be 3 eyeglass stores within a block on lower columbus!! We need a regular old deli!

    5. David says:

      We wish Manny and his bistro the best. We will be there when it opens.

    6. Ethan says:

      The list of Upper West Side “grownup” bars has been dwindling for years, and the demise of Beacon Bar is another nail in that particular coffin. Where’s a sexagenarian supposed to get a drink nowadays?

    7. Brooklyn exile says:

      Beacon Bar was a homey, mellow place to stop into after work. Service was excellent. A place where you could sip without being made to feel guilty about taking your time. Nothing fancy, just a fine bar. Shame it’s been lost.

    8. J. Amory says:

      Shelves are very empty at the Duane Reade at Broadway and 94th Street. They deny they are closing, but I fear they are.

      • S Hoff says:

        PetCo in that area had very bare shelves last weekend, I fear they may be closing too…

        • Paul says:

          The shelves at that Petco have been have pretty much been bare for several years.I’ve always thought they were closing,but they keep on trudging on.

        • lynn says:

          I couldn’t find the pet supplies I was looking for on the UWS so went to Petco on 86 & Lex for the first time since March and was surprised to see that everything appeared to be ‘business as usual’ in that area. Not only was Petco fully stocked but there were 5 very helpful employees on the floor and at the registers. It was the same at Staples and Best Buy AND DR. The vehicle and pedestrian traffic was just as chaotic as ever and no one was social distancing or standing on lines outside of stores. Very surreal.

      • Buddy Revell says:

        The garbage littering the front can’t be good for business. Thanks Popeyes….

      • Roger says:

        I was in that D.R. today and noticed the same thing,I asked one of the workers if it was closing and she said there was a lot of shoplifting going on( there were literally no vitamins on the shelves, amongst other things). When I went to leave I looked at the guard near the door,and to my surprise it was a NYPD cop.So maybe THAT is the reason.

    9. Tam says:

      everyone was so nice at Beacon bar – and I made some neighborhood friends there. It was a regular stop for me to gain some ‘dutch courage’ before hitting the grocery store!

    10. Shaown says:

      And Le Pif is closing tonight – 9/19 – very sad

    11. Helen says:

      New Image Beauty Salon (formerly Mayra’s) has closed along with Great China restaurant next door 608-610 Amst has closed