School Schedule Changes Again — Older Kids Won’t Be Back Until October

The city once again pushed back the start date of in-person school to try to improve the setup and make sure it’s safe. For parents, that means schedules are scrambled again.

“We know that  our schools and families are eager to reconnect in person – I know I am excited for that as well, and have heard that from so many families,” Chancellor Carranza said in a statement. “We believe this extra time will help make sure that all schools and all educators are best positioned to deliver a strong, safe, and supportive environment for teaching and learning to take place.”

Here’s the new schedule:

Photo by Nenad Stojkovic.

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    1. Juan says:

      This is absolutely ridiculous and sad. Make up your mind. Based on what I’ve read, I don’t know whether I should blame deBlasio, Carranza or the union.

      Elementary school kids, particularly those in the younger years, really need to be in school. Teachers have had this whole week to get ready. I really don’t know what else they need to do. They had all summer to figure this out. The schools on the UWS are ready to go and the teachers are eager for the students to arrive – this decision should be made on a school-by-school basis.

    2. A Local Parent says:

      Based on my direct experience, there is no doubt that the teachers, principals, and other locally based school professionals have been hard at work trying to get the school year set-up. These constant changes, outright lies about what remote learning is (or is not) demonstrates a clear lack of leadership and foresight in our mayor, school chancellor and union leadership. These are real lives of millions of people they are impacting – not some game to play to boost their own ego. All we want is a true assessment of what this year is going to be so an informed decision can be made. Not wishful thinking.

    3. UWS78 says:

      Remember this when the primaries come around next summer, just the latest in an endless series of debacles. NO solution is to the left of De Blasio. We need a Bloomberg executive type with actual competence who will appoint smart people. Anyone espousing “progressive” policy and proud of DSA support should not get your vote unless this type of leadership is up your alley.

      • Will says:

        Don’t forget it was because of Bloomberg that we got De Blasio, people were sick of him too. Every action has an opposite reaction.

        • Paul says:

          No, I think it was because Weiner got in trouble with his sexting and then Debozo made a commercial about his inter-racial family and some fell in love with the sons Afro and the city workers came out to vote cause Debozo promised them the world and most people stayed home etc.