The Newest Street Crop on the Upper West Side: Zucchini

Corn has famously been growing on West 101st Street this summer. But now the Upper West Side is getting a new crop in a tree bed on West End Avenue between 92nd and 93rd Street — zucchini.

Elizabeth Lang noticed the signature leaves and flowers of the zukes while walking by last week. She checked to see if the veggies (technically fruits) themselves were on their way but didn’t see much yet.

As always, keep your dogs away from the produce. The way things are going, we may even get an entire salad one day.

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    1. Natali says:

      Is this being done by the same person who planted corn? Is that person a native? I ask because this strikes me as something someone from Iowa would do. They need to put up a sign stating what it is because I’m sure I’m not the only one who wouldn’t know what it is just by looking at it and would let my dog pee there.

      • CommonSense says:

        Your dog shouldn’t be peeing in any tree pits or flower beds. Regardless of what’s growing in there. On the sidewalk is pretty gross too, please take them to the curb.

        • Natali says:

          I don’t actually have a dog. I was making the point that if I did that might happen because it’s next to the curb.

        • Mark P (tee hee) says:

          I think that’s why this story is filed under Absurdity: I wouldn’t remotely count on this produce not to get peed on – even (especially?) if there was a sign asking to curb Fido.

        • Ur Welcome says:

          And risk getting hit by a scofflaw cyclist? Not on your life. Or mine. Or my dog’s.

          And what’s with all the people exercising without a mat on grass in Central Park? Do they not know that Central Park is one big dog toilet?

    2. Sarah says:

      Great. Soon they’ll be leaving zucchini on everyone’s doorstep in a desperate attempt to get rid of it!

      • Ruth Bonnet says:

        @Sarah – you are so right! I planted zucchini one year and was begging people to take it. It grows like weeds!

    3. UWSfarmer says:

      Someone let me know if they see a pumpkin patch!