Openings & Closings: Central Rock Climbing Gym, Indigo, CVS

Photo courtesy of Cuckoo Lemon.

Central Rock is a new rock-climbing gym at 21 West End Avenue (60th Street). It’s got a 40-foot climbing wall and a massive array of bouldering walls that are closer to the ground. The bouldering walls are about 15 feet tall, with a crash pad underneath to soften the blow if you fall. Central Rock is a chain with locations in other states too. “The gym is focused on creating community,” wrote Nicole of fitness blog Cuckoo Lemon. “While Caroline and I learned our way around the gym we saw groups of people climbing and helping each other. Elayne, the super-friendly team member that showed us around, explained that she sees newbies and experienced climbers working together to “solve problems” (bouldering lingo for completing a climb).” A standard day pass is $30 and there’s other pricing info here.

Indian restaurant Indigo at 283 Columbus Avenue (73rd-74th) appears to have closed. It’s been closed for a week or so and the phone has been disconnected.

The Rite Aid on 110th and Broadway is being replaced by…a CVS.

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    1. Debra Targhi says:

      Our favorite Launcromat on the Upper West Side is closing Satruday, September 15th. It is located on Columbus Avenue between 74th and 75th Street on the South side of the Street, and it is off he street down a flight of stairs. This is a big loss for the neighborhood as there are very few laundromats in the area. The women working there were very friendly and it was clean. We wish them the best and hope the UPS gets more laundromats soon because not everyone has one in their building. Thank you and please post under closings.

    2. LARRY REILLY says:

      The former Rite Aid at 110/Broadway has had the “CVS Coming Soon” sign for at least six months…snooze

    3. Anon says:

      That sign about the CVS “coming soon” has been up for months now (it actually went up not that long after the Rite Aid closed) with no activity inside or any discernible changes, except perhaps more signs being pasted to the window. Even the brown paper covering the windows has been up all summer, better to hide that nothing is going on, I suppose. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the CVS never materializes.

    4. B.B. says:

      Laundromats were a dying business for many reasons over past decade. NYC recently enacted *more* regulations and bureaucracy to the point remaining places are just closing up shop.

      All laundries have high fixed costs (rent, sewer, water, utilities, labor, equipment, etc…), but OTOH there are natural limits as to what customers will pay. None of this touches competition.

      Most laudromats today do a heavy business in “wash and fold”. Over the last several years app/online based services have taken a good share of the market.

      Increasingly both renters and buyers of apartments in the city view a washer and dryer same as a dishwasher; a mandatory inclusion in the apartment. Failing that an in building laundry room.

      Many if not all new construction (including 80/20 “affordable”) most always have in suite washers/dryers and or laundry room(s).

      Know people who go all the way from West End in the 80’s to a 24/7 laundromat in Yorkville (85th street/York avenue). They either take Uber or a taxi.

    5. Lisa says:

      What is coming to 86th and Broadway? I see a lot of activity in the corner at the former Club Monaco and original Banana Republic?

      Please tell me it’s a grocery store Upper West people are going hungry!!! The old Gristedes on 86 street and new now closed Banana Republic would be great to combine into a two floor Whole Foods!! Please help me spread the word to Whole Foods management

      • YoungSally says:

        The Belford is going condo…or is condo now – my guess is nothing for the commercial spaces at this point except some sprucing and further rent hikes. But one can hope.

    6. William Solomon says:

      Spoke to owner of Indigo and he’s opening a new restaurant in same space

    7. Andromedes says:

      A different kind of opening. The buds of a tree have just opened on Broadway mall at 90th street. I think it is called a winterflowering ornamental cherry. Much more attractive than another drugstore or burger dive.