Robert Jackson Wins Democratic Primary, As Anti-IDC Wave Sweeps New York

Robert Jackson won the Democratic primary for the State Senate’s 31st District on Thursday night, handily defeating incumbent Marisol Alcantara.

Results via WNYC.

Alcantara had been a part of the Independent Democratic Congress, a group that had aligned with Republicans in the State Senate. She wasn’t the only former IDC member to lose in Thursday’s primary. Six members of that group were ousted in the primaries, including leader Jeff Klein. Gov. Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul both won their primaries, as did Tish James for Attorney General. Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell also won his primary race.

Congressman Jerry Nadler and Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal (both seen at the bottom of the photo below) were among Jackson’s supporters. Jackson was formerly a City Council Member, and is known for being a strong advocate for public education.

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    1. NYYgirl says:

      Message sent.

    2. ann sprayregen says:

      congratulations…enuf fake democrats

    3. Pedestrian says:

      Now if we could only get rid of the turn coat Dems in the House and the Senate in Washington DC!

      • JVH says:

        Mobilize for Tue Nov 6!

      • Robert L Gery says:

        Of course we can get rid of those Democrats. We all have to get ourselves and our friends out there in November to vote for every real Democrat possible and get rid of the extremely unethical Republicans who are mimicking their president

      • Chrisina says:

        No! We need to get rid of the ridiculous, out of date, Trump lovin’, denying, closed off Tepublicans in the house and Senate!!!

    4. Juan says:

      Congratulations to Robert Jackson. I am surprised that Alcantara got as many votes as she did.

      I am not a fan of Cuomo but voted for him. Nixon’s speech last night confirmed that decision. She was one of the least gracious losers I have ever seen, particularly for a primary. She made zero effort to rally people behind Cuomo or acknowledge that though he is far from perfect, he has done a lot of things that are aligned with her agenda. If Cuomo loses and we end up with a Republican governor (I know this is highly unlikely), she will have blood on her hands.

      I was hoping Teachout could pull it out but I am not particularly upset with James as the alternative – I am sure she will do a great job.

    5. Bob Lamm says:

      Congratulations to Robert Jackson. So wonderful that the vile Jeff Klein and five other sellouts from the IDC were sent packing by voters. But it should never be forgotten that the IDC betrayal never would have happened without the involvement and approval of Andreew Cuomo.

    6. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      hurrah Robert jackson! and all the other “No IDC” candidates, plus Julia Salazar, who calmly put up with all sorts of tabloid harassment and won by a landslide.

    7. Kathleen says:


    8. Jamory says:

      How could 18,511 Democrats vote to re-elect that traitor?

    9. Gretchen says:

      Bravo, Senator-elect Jackson! A real Democrat has won. This primary was a rout to the IDC thugs,who can now go caucus in hell.

    10. Lana Gilbert says:

      Why wasn’t he on the ballot in my ED/AD district?

    11. LaShawn Thompkins says:

      Congrats Uncle you have worked so hard for this and you will succeed love you !!!!!! Your the best person for the job