Openings & Closings: The Flying Fisherman, Hamsa, Soap n’ Suds, Q Ten Nails & Spa

The Flying Fisherman has opened on Columbus between 72nd and 73rd Streets, in the former home of A.G. Kitchen. The restaurant also has a smaller take-out-focused restaurant called Fish on the Fly next door, though it isn’t open yet.

The menu at Flying Fisherman is divided into Bait (appetizers), Catch, Land, Fisherman’s Grill and Fisherman’s Bar. Among the Bait options are seafood dips like octopus hummus (!). Here are links to the food menu and drinks menu, which may still change as it is a soft opening. There will be a public hearing on the liquor license next Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. at 250 West 87th Street.

Hamsa, a Mediterranean restaurant that opened briefly in place of Barley & Grain on Amsterdam and 80th, has closed and there’s paper on the windows. It will be replaced by a pizzeria, Tim tells us.

Soap n’ Suds, a basement-level laundromat at 304 Columbus Avenue, is closing on September 15. “Thank you again for choosing to wash with us for so many years!!!” management said in a note on the shop. An attendant told our tipster Patricia that the shop was closing because the building had been sold (though we couldn’t find the record of a recent sale in city records). There has been a wave of laundromat closings in recent years.

Q Ten Nails & Spa has replaced Barcibo Enoteca at 2020 Broadway between 69th and 70th. Thanks to Joel and anonymous for tips.

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    1. geoff says:

      no closing has actually rocked me until i read of soap’n suds. i’ve been going there for around 40 years or more!

      oh well. there are a couple of others around, but i liked the groove i felt.

      a great new york laundromat. never had a conversation in there, except with staff. remember Angel and Connie? i think they were my beginning.

      • David says:

        Back in the mid 1980s, the first apartment we lived in was a walk-up on West 76th between Amsterdam & Columbus. The building did not have a laundry room. We used to bring our stuff to Soap n Suds on our way to work. Never had a conversation with customers or staff – just happy to have clean clothes. Eventually we had enough money to afford an apartment in a building with a laundry room (with ancient machines) on the other side of Broadway and spent hours washing baby clothes. Ahh, those were the days (not).

    2. Jenn says:

      Ughhh, have many fond memories at Barcibo. Such a great local place!

      • Jess says:

        Agree… I still wonder what happened there. And what that new bar was that was there for like 30 seconds. Would have been so nice to hit Enoteca after a trip to Shakespeare and Co. Sad sad sad.

        Now, another nail spa. EXCELLENT. 🙁

    3. Jules says:

      You forgot to mention that Indigo on Columbus and 74th has closed. Heartbroken I am. My favorite restaurant. Great food amazing prices.

    4. Allison says:

      When I visited, the employee at Hamsa mentioned that they would be closing and turning it over to a different style. I think the owner is experimenting to see what fits the neighborhood more before sticking to a specific cuisine.

    5. Beverly says:

      Another fancy pizzeria? I hope not. Miss Caesars so much!!!

    6. Betsy says:

      Soap and Suds is a huge loss. Been there forever. A neighborhood staple. What a great, friendly, convenient, place. I will miss the lovely ladies who work there and make me laugh.

    7. Kathleen says:

      What we don’t need is another mani/pedi joint. What we DO need is our laundromats, hooray for those that are left.
      What a shame to say goodbye to good old reliable Soap’n Suds.

      • Sean says:

        Obviously the women of the UWS want to have their nails done. Laundromats are so last century. Most Manhattanites theses days either have a laundry in their building or use a service. It’s just the way it is.

    8. A Murphy says:

      There are so many Nail and Spa stores on 72nd Street and in the surrounding area especially on the 2nd floor of many buildings. 72nd Street should be called the Nail & Spa District of NYC. Amazing they are all doing business and that new ones like the very creatively named Ten Nail & Spa continue to open.

    9. Dan says:

      I was lucky enough to try The Flying Fisherman during the “soft open” – it’s very good and will be a worthy replacement for AG Kitchen (although with a very different menu).

    10. NotImpressed says:

      When is that annoying book vendor at 73 and Bway going to close?
      His area has been unattended for the past three days and his books and table wrapped up.
      I’ve reported twice to 311 and there has been zero follow-up.

    11. stopthemadness says:

      If another nail salon or coffee house opens in our neighborhood I’m going to scream!

    12. Mark says:

      Fish on the Fly is actually on Columbus between West 72-73 Streets (east side of the avenue).

    13. EK says:

      I don’t think the neighborhood needs yet another nail salon in place of a good restaurant. I was very disappointed to see a nail salon in that space. There a nail salon on every block.

    14. Cathy says:

      Question: Where’s the closet Laundromat to 75 and Columbus now that Soaps and Suds is closing? Thanks!

      • Sean says:

        Try W74 next to that bakery with all the texting tourists in front of the entrance. It’s just off Amsterdam. You may have to ask them to move aside.

    15. The Flying Fisherman looks great. Changed decor and it’s much more muted lighting indoors, open entry with tile floors welcoming. They may have been there during AG Kitchen days, but looks classier. Host told us that it’s the same staff and we were happy about that. On a Friday night after just having opened, it was bopping.

      Cannot speak for the food yet, but fingers crossed! We will try it next week.

    16. Steven says:

      Anyone know what happened to Indigo Indian restaurant on Columbus between 73-74th street? The number is no longer in service, but their website is still up, though it says closed for delivery.

      • David S says:

        was wondering the same thing! That would be my worst nightmare if they were gone. love the food and the workers. I just tried ordering today and phone was disconnected