Don’t Call 911 If You See Nude People Being Painted on Saturday, Says NYPD

A nipple is not a police emergency.

The NYPD has an important message for people who may be upset at seeing nude bodies while they are simply trying to walk to the bus stop or buy a newspaper. Don’t call 911! Nude body painting, which is apparently taking place on 64th and Broadway on Saturday, is perfectly legal.

The following message was posted by the 20th precinct on Twitter on Friday.

“Tomorrow, Saturday 9/8, artists will be painting nude models at W 64th Street and Broadway between 1 PM and 8 PM. Gawk all you want… But DO NOT CALL 911 and request the police! There is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING illegal about this!”

The 20th precinct said they sent out the message after getting a call about the upcoming nudity from the NYPD legal bureau.

Photo by Beatrice Murch.

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    1. BillyNYC says:

      This is wonderful art and finally as legal as can be as it should’ve been!!!!
      I love this city when it respects our art culture.

    2. Chris says:

      I do not see it as art, do you also see peep show shops as art?

    3. Veronica says:

      I was walking by on Saturday and my thought was that it would be better for some of these folks to keep there clothes on. Visual noise.