Are You Being Overcharged in Rent? Community Board Committee Will Teach People How to Tell

The Community Board 7 Housing Committee wants to teach people how to analyze their own rent histories — and to tell if they’re being overcharged.

This Monday night, February 12, the committee will review the regulated housing market on the Upper West Side, looking at the impact of the deregulation of rent-stabilized or rent-controlled housing. And they’ll be learning how to review rent histories, with the intention of spreading the word to other Upper West Siders about how they can do the same.

The meeting will take place at Community Board offices at 250 West 87th Street starting at 6:30 p.m.

UPDATE: the meeting’s starting time has been changed to 7 p.m.

The committee is planning a workshop in March — date and location to be determined — to show people how to review rent histories.

Here’s the agenda:

Housing Committee, Jeannette Rausch, Chairperson
Monday, February 12, 7 PM

1.    Presentation by State Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal’s office, DHCR four-year look back rule:
a.    Deregulation of rent regulated housing,
b.    How to read a DHCR rent history,
c.    Rent overcharge application process.
2.    Planning for future housing workshop.

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

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    1. Sean says:

      The rent is too damn high.

    2. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      Love that term “overcharged.” If someone voluntarily enters a contract and agrees to a certain price, than that person has not been overcharged. Down with government price controls.

      • dannyboy says:

        These leases stipulate the current rent, which is revised at the lease renewal. The Overcharges are fraud. Down with people who support fraud!

    3. Wendy says:

      Remember the candidate for Mayor of N.Y.C. : “The rent is too d-mn high ! , ? We chatted. Some would be renters , probably citizens, worry @ too high rents via ‘affordable housing” in N.Y.C.. Social work , sometimes, has pesky : lease, sub-lease…..[a long story]; in N.Y.C.. N.Y.C. has the worst apts. in my experiences..; &, lost a muchly o.k. social work agency….NO to DACA….

    4. Wendy says:

      Also, what happened to: lodging houses; Bed & Breakfasts, decent S.R>O.s, boarding houses – [“Trelawney of the Wells”, ?]; rooming houses. I miss some of the Swiss House. The walls of some rooms of a certain establishment, were too thin. Some apts. are teeny-tiny, via certain social work. I’m in some quandaries, now. Hullo, landladies ?

    5. Susan Schwartz says:

      The meeting starts at 7P – not 6:30P. Can you send out a revision?

      Many thanks!

      Susan Schwartz
      Member, CB7 Housing Committee

    6. Exerceo says:

      Can someone give an update on this meeting? I have to work tonight. Darn!